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Wow! It's been a fast three months!

It's all about our first ever RAFFLE and our "where did the money go" issue

The first three months of 2021 have flown by and it’s time for another newsletter.

This issue we are covering our next fundraiser ZOOM gathering with our first ever RAFFLE. And the ever-popular “where did your donations go?”

ZOOM Fundraising

Our next virtual “foodless potluck” is May 13th at 5PM. As many of you know our potlucks have been our primary fundraising events with “world famous” food! We’re hoping we can soon get back to our real potlucks in person and taste all the offerings. However, once again we are holding this one on ZOOM. Here is the EVITE link in case you didn’t receive it and would like to attend.

Our suggested donation is $50 (which is about the equivalent of a meal out) but we happily accept more!

Some of the advocates will attend and share some stories of what the needs are in our community. We plan on having fun, and this meeting we are hoping for our largest ZOOM fundraiser ever. Spread the word! We’re holding our first ever RAFFLE!


Join South SLO County Womenade's fundraiser raffle! Enter for your chance to win one of these wonderful prizes:

Delicious local wines

A one-hour soak at Central Coast Floats

A Godiva chocolate gift basket

Pampered Chef goodies

Polish Me Peachie nail products

Self-care goodies


A 3-night stay at the beautiful Big Red Cabin in Cascadel Woods near Bass Lake and Yosemite!

This cabin sits in a peaceful forest just a short walk from a picturesque mountain stream. Perfect for your next relaxing getaway, the cabin is spacious and gorgeous. All fees are paid! Support South SLO Womenade and have a chance to win this relaxing and beautiful weekend away!


  • Every donation to South SLO County Womenade of $20 received by May 13, 2021 at 12:00 noon will receive 1 entry to the raffle. If you donate $40, your name will be entered twice; $60 gets you 3 entries, etc. Your scheduled monthly automatic donations count, and you can win more than 1 prize!

  • You can donate via PayPal, check, or cash. Please note: Any check donations must be received in-hand by one of S. SLO County Womenade's Board members by May 13, 2021 at 12:00pm in order for it to count towards the raffle.

  • For every new member that you bring in to Womenade for our May event, you will get an extra entry! Each new member must sign-up for our emails, be present at the May event, and donate a minimum of $20 by the May 13, 2021 at 12:00pm deadline.

  • This raffle applies to everyone! Share and get the word out!

  • Please see: donation options below or call 805-540-1926 for more donation information.

Winners will be chosen live at our next Zoom event on May 13, 2021 at 5:00pm. Don't miss out!

Where did your donations go?

Below you will read about some of the many urgent and emergency needs fulfilled by our very busy, dedicated advocates in February – we thank them for their work! Your donations made a huge difference!

Advocates’ Updates

The Link – Erica Andrade

  • Father is undocumented and mother has a rare heart disease. Family pays a high price for private insurance and do not have enough to cover clothing or gas cost. Gas GC (50) Visa GC Clothing (50) $100

  • Single-mother who is on Section 8 is in needs help fixing her car problems. She does not have transportation to get her kids to their learning pods. Tom's Auto Services $300.00

  • Single-father and family living in a trailer behind grandparents’ home. Father lost seasonal job and does not have the funds to pay for essential items. Toiletries and food Gift Card $100

  • A low-income family does not have the funds to purchase new clothes for student. He is in need of pants and a jacket. Clothing Gift Card $50

  • Entire family has tested positive for COVID and can't go shopping for essential needs. They need food and toiletries to cover their two weeks of quarantine. Visa Gift Card (toiletries and food for 2 weeks) $150

  • Single-mother working part-time does not have enough funds to cover her high electric bill. PG&E $217.58

First 5 Early Learning Centers – Lauren Thorne

  • Family in need of gas for transportation to workGas cards $300

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Jessica Baza

  • Single dad got laid off due to Covid. Needs help in any way we can

  • Grandmother caring for grandchild who lost hours at work due to Covid $100 Smart and Final

  • Single mom is struggling to pay her bills and has lost hours at work due to Covid. Needs internet for schooling.$300 Spectrum

  • Parent lost job due to injury at work and family is in need of clothing and food. $300 Smart and Final

  • Family of 4, dad lost his job due to injury. Mom is working part time. In need of food. $200 Smart and Final

  • Single mom with two small kids and was laid off from work due to Covid. In need of food. $100 Smart and Final

  • Single mom working part time and needs help with clothing for her growing boys. $200 Ross and Walmart

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Karina Ayala

  • Mom had a back injury and could not work for 2 weeks without pay. Needs help catching up on bills. $300 Roosevelt Apartments

  • Family had a emergency in Mexico and are now back but must quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to work $300 Nipomo Recreation Dept

  • Single mom just has surgery and is not working at this time and needs rental assistance. $300 Maria T. Iniguez (landlord)

  • Single mom moved from S. Dakota and needs son's birth certificate and Social Security card. Currently not working. $15 Vital Records

  • Single mom trying to get back on her feet after fleeing DV situation. Needs essential documents to receive services. $33 CA DMV

  • Family recently in an accident, hit by a drunk driver and had to spend money for repairs. In need of food.$100 Vons

  • Single mom only working a few hours due to weather conditions in need of help with gas to get to work$100 Gas card

  • Single mom only working fewer hours due to weather conditions in need of rental assistance$200 Ben Bringham (landlord)

  • Student needs extra help with schooling. Nipomo Recreation Dept is offering a spot and childcare. $300 Nipomo Recreation Dept

  • Family has four children under 3 and dad is only one working right now due to mom delivering soon. Needs rental assistance.$300 Lucila Melero (landlord)

  • Mother is having financial hardship due to father-in-law’s funeral. Needs help with food and clothes. $200 Marshalls and Vons

  • Mom recently lost her job. Dealing with financial stress.$300 Nick Brannen (landlord)

  • Mom came from San Diego. She is new to the area and is not working at the moment. She is trying to find a job. Needs assistance.$100 Marshalls

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • Rental assistance related due to being laid off of work due to Covid $300 Alex Sheffield (landlord)

  • After a long hard road, single mom was accepted into CalPoly. Mom just needs help getting on her feet.$200 Walmart

  • Grandmother caring for her granddaughter and needs internet for her schooling.$216 Spectrum

  • Biological mom is in jail. Child moved with her biological dad. Child does not have many items and needs clothing and other items.$100 Walmart

  • Grandmother caring for her granddaughter and needs help with clothing. $100 Walmart

  • Child Welfare Services (CWS) involved. Father moved out due to DV. Mother is in need of assistance. $100 Smart and Final

  • Father has a work related injury leaving them tight for income. Needs assistance with bill $232.36 OCSD

  • Mom needs help with car repair so she has transportation to get to work part of CWS open case. $200 Medina’s Tires

  • Mom lost job due to getting Covid and is still sick since August. Needs assistance $105 OCSD

  • Lost job due to Covid and family is struggling to make ends meet. Needs assistance with water bill. $194.88 City of Arroyo Grande

South County Youth Coalition – Sara Zepeda

  • Family had a emergency in Mexico and are now back but must quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to work $100 Nipomo Recreation Department.

  • Student to start Nipomo Rec. and needs help with fees. Mom will be matching funds. $100 Nipomo Recreation Department.

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

  • Payment for 2 months of the “gift bed” at the Casa Solana - $800 per month.

To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 or go to our website or . Paypal charges 2.2% plus 30 cents for each transaction (approximately 2.5%). If you use Paypal to donate, please consider covering the service fee of about 2.5% we are charged.

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Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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