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Thanksgiving Baskets Completed!

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Newsletter November 16, 2023

Thanksgiving and Winter Break Food Baskets

Matching Grant for $5,000

Next Potluck December 13th Wednesday

Updates on Projects

Donor Thank You’s

Where the Money Went

Holiday Food Baskets Happenings

Thanksgiving Baskets

The Thanksgiving baskets were packed up and delivered today!  Many thanks to all the big hearts and hands in Womenade who came together to make this happen.  Special thanks to Mariam Shah and her family for offering her home, garage and kids to carry in the food, store it and space run the project! Also special thanks to Kristin Heenan for her project leadership skills and Marcella Gelman, grocery inventory and purchasing specialist! And of course to all of you, who signed up, dropped off, organized, packed and delivered!

Winter School Break Food Baskets

Round two has started!  The Winter School Break in South SLO County is 3 weeks from December 23 to January 14. Many families depend on the school breakfasts and lunches to stretch their already minimal earnings.  For three weeks everyone will be home!  We hope your hearts are still growing!  Please provide food for 100 families in our community by signing up to donate food for the first time or again!  Drop offs will be at Mariam Shah’s place at 2410 Green Place in Arroyo Grande from December 4th – 8th, with food delivery on December 14th. All the details are in the SIGNUPGENIUS (link below).  There are also lots of spots to volunteer your time to help. Here is the SIGNUPGENIUS link:


Matching $5,000 Grant!

One of our fabulous donors has offered a $5,000 matching grant for donations receive between November 20th and December 22nd! Please help us receive this very generous donation.


Next Potluck -  Mark your calendar! December 13, 6PM

Our last potluck of the year will be at Candace Guldeman’s home at 524 Mesa View Drive, Arroyo Grande. Please carpool! Every other year Candace and Phil decorate the WHOLE house for Christmas!  They’ve already started, and it is quite a sight to behold.  You don’t want to miss this one. 

We are looking for hosts for potluck fundraisers in 2024! Please consider spreading the word throughout South SLO County and inviting your network of friends to join us. You can do this by hosting a potluck fundraiser. There are so many areas in South SLO County that don’t know who we are and what we do! Help us get the word out!

Updates on Projects

Laundry Pop Up – Belinda Benassi - leader

On Saturday November 18th from 10AM to 12PM (note new time) we will hold our next Laundry Pop-Up in Nipomo. It is a lot of fun helping so many grateful people by giving financial help for 3 loads of laundry!  If you would like to join this great group, please let us know. We only have a short list of volunteers.  Each month we only need 3 volunteers. Belinda Benassi leads this program and could use a few more volunteers. If we had a larger list each volunteer could do it once a quarter! Contact us at and we’ll put you in touch with Belinda.

Nipomo Food Distribution – Rosemary Cleaves, Sue McCutcheon, and Mary Anne Morgan - project leaders

Our last food distribution was on Tuesday November 14th at Nipomo Elementary School (the second Tuesday of the month). We gave out food to 300 families.  We have a dedicated group of volunteers who make this program run smoothly. The next food distribution will be December 12th 4:30 to 6:30 PM. From time to time we need substitutes to help out.  If you would like to be on the substitute list please email us.

Weekend Food Bags for Food Insecure Students – Ann McDowell and Mary Anne Morgan - leaders

Weekend Food for Food Insecure Students is happening at some of the elementary schools, the middle schools and Lopez High School.  Mary Anne Morgan picks up and delivers food weekly from the Foodbank to Lopez High School pantry; Judy Woo’s and Jean Baker’s teams buy, pack and deliver bags for the middle schools and the elementary schools respectively every other week. 

We still need a few volunteers to “adopt a few weekend food bags for students” for the remainder of the school year. This entails buying the food, packing the brown bags and delivering the bags to an elementary school every two weeks.  Please consider helping out on this important project.  We can’t imagine these students not having food to eat over the weekends!  Contact us at


10/1/23 to 10/31/23        $6,892.52

1/1/23 TO 10/31/23        $94,742.76

2/1/2019 TO 10/31/23  $465,978.76


Ardie Heinrich, Sandy Strohman (2), Emily Myhre (2), Kathie La Martina, Caren Russom, Nan Fowler (2), Susan Tsao (2), Linda and Bradley Wilbert, Mary De Jong, Sandy Richardson, Judith Carleson, Rosemary Cleaves (2), Joann and Stan Benson, Fran Norris, Erin Moxley, Robin Gilmartin and Diane Mack, Sheila and Richard Semana, Judy Woo, Karen Kolba, Christine, Mateer, Wendy Castleman, Olive and Mike Shu, Mariam Shah, Diane Nielsen, Ann Mathias, Kathy Forenza, Gay Evison Groomes, Rachel Cloud, Lori Connolly, Marcy Warkentin, Lynda Burnsed, Susan McCuthcheon (2), Marcella Gelman, Jean Leavitt, Gertraud Garner, Patti Finucane, Carolyn Firth, Gee Gee Southward, Shirley Horacek, Lynn Heinrich, Barbara Crawford, Carla Heise, Lola Zybura, Jann Jeffries, Barbara Deel, Candace Guldeman, Lisa Murdoch, Gwen Carton, Sheryl Patton, Linda Busek, Cheryl Goodman, Andrea Chavez, Jean Graham, Lyn Lamison, Deb Sherry, Heidi Boatman, Madeline Koontz, Carol Chenot, Ann Tompkins, Phyllis Sims, Gail Applegate, Carol Wilcock, Mary Anne Morgan, Caity McCardell, Anita Shower, Jessica Griffiths, Debra Jackson, Megan Mullany, Karlie Cool, Lara Golden

In Kind Receipt

Please complete and submit the in-kind receipt to help us track how much you all are also contributing in donor offered items: This is a jpeg that you can copy and print.


The Link – Advocate Yuliana Molina - Mesa Middle School and Judkins Middle School and Advocate Brenda Gonzalez – Paulding Middle School

  • Mom fleeing domestic violence. Currently homeless and unable to work because she does not have a stable home or childcare. Needs assistance with gas expenses for the weekend. $50 Gas card

  • Family of 5. Mom is currently struggling to pay sports tuition for daughter who is struggling with mental health. Stepdad is currently not working, he just recently had a leg surgery. $200 LMUSD

  • Family is struggling financially. Car check engine light is on. Registration is due and has been paid. But will not receive registration until repair is done and check engine light is off. Car repair is amount is high. Family greatly depends on car for work and to transport students to and from school $300

  • Single mother of 3 kids, has financial struggles. Requested $100 for 2 pairs of shoes for her student. 1 pair of drama shoes and 2nd pair for daily wear. $100 Walmart

  • Family is struggling financially. Requested help with food $100 Smart and Final

  • Family is struggling financially. Requested assistance with gas. This is a low income family. $50 Gas card

Mission Hope – Katie Crafton – Oncology Social Worker, Brianda Lemus

  • Male in his 60s diagnosed with colon cancer with limited income, is struggling to pay for gas to get to treatment $50 Gas card

  • Male diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer is unable to work and living with his friends.Unable to work construction job and struggling to pay for gas to get to treatment $50 Gas card

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen- Principal; Aurora Munoz – Admin

  • PBIS Wolfmarket Student Incentives Snacks, drinks, Art supplies $143.45

Lopez High School – Wolf Den Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • On-line Alumin H2O Bottles $61.12 Zagkknd

  • Acme Pataches $12.90 Marshalls

  • 6 Blankets and food $187.51 Costco

  • 6 sets of Bath Towels $32.63 Target

 Department of Social Services – Jannine Lambert – Director; Sheila Wolpert – Division Management Support

  • Client recently diagnosed with breast cancer.Client seeking help with clothing. $50 Walmart

  • Client lost job, living in her car needs gas to submit paperwork for a new job $50 Shell

  • Client lost job, living in her car needs gas to submit paperwork for a new job $50 Shell

  • Client just received a call from a prospective employer, needs to buy interview clothing $50 Walmart

  • Client had and unexpected medical bills and can use help with clothing $50 Walmart

 Casa Solana – Renée Poirier – Executive Director

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for an additional month for a lady in her 30's. She was released from custody into our program with no means to pay.She completed the 90 day program, secured a job and moved to the graduate house on November 1st and was able to pay her own rent. $800

Oceano Family Resource Center – Advocate Stella Medina

  • Single mother raising 3 sons with no child support. They are doubled up and will be homeless if she does not find a home of her own. Need deposit to move in today. $500 Larry Gin Landlord

  • Single mother of 4 and only one income with no child support. Had to pay for some extra expenses and now needs gas to get to work and get kids to school. $100 Shell Gas

  • Homeless mother with teen son living in their car. Mom has level-4 kidney failure. Unable to keep her insulin cold living in car. Needs a cooler to keep her insulin cold.$21.79 Amazon

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Cinthyia Ortiz-Corona

  • Single mom, homeless. Residing in AirBNB owned by family friend. Commutes from current home to kids’ school and back. Saving up for deposit for local room to rent. Needs help with gas this month.$50 Shell Gas

  • Family searching for a place to park their RV. Homeless and don’t have the money to cover the expense for the weekend. Need assistance with RV space rental. $378 Oceano RV Campground

  • Single parent with special needs child has not received benefits in a few months. Needs support with utilities bill this month.$140 California West

  • Family of 4; dad works in SLO; he is the sole provider. High needs family with young children need support with insurance bill. $200 Farmers Insurance

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Marivel Pilla

  • Mother will be getting an electrocardiogra. Mom is uninsured and not able to apply for benefits. Husband recently had eye surgery and lost a lot of work. $350 Tenet Health

  • Single mom of 2 struggling financially. Requesting assistance with trash bill. She recently applied for SSI. $21.76 So. Co. Sanitary Svcs

  • Single Father with 2 children requesting assistance with cell phone bill. His work hours have been reduced and he is struggling to pay all of his bills this month. $241.24 Spectrum Mobile

  • Single mother of 3 girls requesting rent assistance due to reduction in work hours. She is not able to make this month’s rent.$300 Rosa M Hernandez

  • Family is going through financial stress. Family has only one income. Mom needs shoes to work; the ones she has been using have holes in the soles. $53.86 Amazon

  • Family is having financial stress due to having only one income. They need some support with food costs this month. $100 Grocery Outlet

  • Family needs gas to get children to doctor appointments. $100 Chevron

  • Family with special needs child and a small business recently lost work hours and struggling. Need assistance with overdue car registration. $300 DMV

Nutrition Team – Mary Anne Morgan leader

  • Food for families in need and for school children $100 SLO FoodBank

5 Cities Homeless Coalition – Janna Nichols Executive Director

  • Young female currently homeless, living in her vehicle. Recently lost employment and is facing pressure from police due to expired registration. Seeking assistance with cost of registration to keep her vehicle(and Home) from being impounded while she continues to look for work $300 DMV

  • Single adult male recently released from incarceration and currently experiencing homelessness in South County. Requesting assistance with a pair of shoes that will protect his feet.Client does not have a vehicle and must walk or use public transport for employment search and to get to and from appointments $48.52 Amazon

  • Single mother of 2 adult children, recently housed, however lost Cash-aid benefits when youngest child turned 19. Seeking assistance with utility bill, all other resources have been exhausted. Client recently started second job, and adult children are looking for work to contribute to household expenses and maintain housing $242 Nipomo Community Service District

  • Couple living out of their car requested assistance with their registration and smog payment.Their car is their home and main form of transportation to any appointments; the registration is currently expired, and they have already received a warning from PD. Clients are both disabled and have limited income; they have been referred for low-income housing applications and placed on the waitlist for the Cabins for Change shelter. $86 Castro's Auto-smog &registration renewal fee

 Families in Transition – Wendy Bruse Coordinator and Deicy Trejo

  • Unaccompanied youth struggling to get to school. Would like to try taking public transportation. Uncle cannot take them to school, leaves for work at dawn. $24 Bus pass

County Nurses – Meryl Castro Nurse

  • Womenade got us the pack and play, and high chair for Sandy's client. $171.53



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