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4/10/20 Four weeks into shelter-at-home

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

There's no time to be bored! So much to do, so little time!!

We are all entering week four of shelter at home here in California. Many of us are taking our confinement in stride, finding new routines, making lists of projects to complete and trying very hard to venture outside only to exercise and do essential shopping.

Our sponsored agencies are working overtime working with clients primarily by phone.

Our clients like we, are trying to stay at home but many have lost their jobs, have no transportation, and therefore no access to get some of the free food distribution sites.  They are finding it difficult take all the children to the designated schools to receive the free school breakfasts and lunches due to lack of transportation (no gas, no car, no money!).  As you can imagine the biggest need is for food, baby items (diapers and wipes), transportation assistance and now rent assistance.

Womenaders have really been stepping up big time!  Since the last “real” potlucks in February, Womenaders have donated over $14,000 to help meet critical financial needs in oursouthcountycommunity and over $1,100 toward our Admin April fundraiser.

We distributed $10,300 to our sponsored agencies (Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center, Nipomo Family Resource Center, Oceano Family Resource Center, The Link –SouthCountyand First5 –SouthCounty) who are working directly with clients during this “shelter at home” time.  The Lopez High School, The Wolf Den and The Nutrition Team have had to temporarily close.  A number of the county nurses have been reassigned during this time.  The advocates were SO VERY GRATEFUL!  Each expressing what a huge difference these donations will make.

Here is a sampling of where some of the March 4th donations went (before this nightmare began):

  • Foster parent working part time needs help with two grandchildren she is raising. Food assistance $150

  • Single mom with one child living in a vehicle needs help with repairs on the truck $70

  • Grandma asking for assistance to get her grandkids into mental health assistance

  • Daughter who fled a DV relationship is looking for assistance with mental health $150

  • One income household- Single mom with 3 small children. Food assistance. $25

  • Mom's wallet was stolen which left her with no money. Food assistance $100

  • Student is working part time but still needs help with under garments $70

  • (Before COVID19) – Baseball registration $100

  • Dad lost his job and family is behind on their bills. Water to be shut off tomorrow. Urgent matter$138

  • Gift cards for families during corona virus- used to give to families in need of food $900

  • Rental Assistance for mom who lost her job due to Covid $300

  • Rental Assistance for mom who lost her job due to Covid $200

  • PG&E assistance $150

  • Rental Assistance $215.39

  • Vons Cards for families needing food $1,250

The advocates report that with the ongoing crisis the biggest daily requests are for:

  • food and household items

  • rental assistance

  • baby care items – diapers, wipes, baby food

Lopez High School reports that graduation may not happen for the local high schools.  There are tentative plans to purchase signs that go in the yards, windows, rooms, etc. of all those kids that will graduate. The Wolf Den is part of the booster representatives for Lopez High School.  There are other plans in the discussion stage.  There are 95 students scheduled to graduate from Lopez High School this spring.  It would be great to try to help raise $1,000 to help fund some of these ideas to help the students celebrate their achievement.

We are making great headway towards meeting our “Admin April” goal of $3,000.  To make a donation for Admin April can either write a check to: South SLO County Womenade and mail to: SouthSLOCountyWomenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 with a note on the memo line "Admin April" or go to our website or and make a note that it is for "Admin April" We will keep all funds separate from donations to help those in need.  We will let you know when we reach the target $3,000 amount. To make a regular donation, follow the same process but put client needs in the memo or comment section.

We canceled the potluck scheduled for March 18th by Judy Woo.  Her invitees made donations anyway for a total of $1,425!  Thank you!  We have canceled the April 21st potluck which was to be held by Sharon McDaniel.

In this time of social distancing we encourage you to hold a virtual potluck perhaps on Zoom!  You can catch up with your friends and ask for donations.  We will be happy to supply you with what the needs are at the moment to share with your "potluck".  The agencies are expecting a surge in requests for rental assistance as we are now well into April with sheltering at home and social distancing .  Our clients have run out of options.

As always THANK YOU!  We are so very grateful for the continued support of all you wonderful Womenaders who have donated to us in 2020:

Lucia Cleveland, Joann and Stan Benson, Mike and Olive Shu, Elaine Stewart, Wendy Castleman, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Elaine Stewart, Sandy Richardson, Rosemary Nelson, Mona Tucker, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Candace Guldeman, J. Owen Eister, Linda and Roger Bishop, Anonymous, Joann and Stan Benson, Kat Tuculet, Sharon Lechner, Elaine Stewart, Unitarian Universalist Church, Joanne and John Flackett, Charles and Myrna Hall, Donna Clipperton, Michael and Linda McGee, Jim and Diann Spalding, Jean Leavit, Madeline Stevenson, Helen Slusher, Marilyn Knollenberg, Cheryl Goodman, Judy Woo, Irene Iwan, Katy Ayer, Rosemary Lucier, Liz Fritz, Nicole Pazdan, Donna Page, Judy Eisenhard, Kathy Forenza, Rosemary Cleaves, Gee Gee Southward, Phyllis Sims, Gwen Carton, Kathy Howell, Mariam Shah, Susan McCutcheon,  Lisa Chadwick, Mary Anne Morgan, Madeline Fay, Karen Kolba, Heidi Boatman, Marla Eaton, Ann Lovegren, Jann Jeffries, Lori Sonnabend, Madeline Stevenson, Shawn Mercure, Cynthia Cable, Tina Doherty, Linda Busek, Ann Mathias, Carol Chenot, Steve Cool, Wendy Castleman, Ilse Outcalt, Lynn Heinrich, Rosemary Cleaves, J. Owen Eister, Marilyn Chulack, PG&E, Roy and Linda Rawlings, Valerie Glahn, Linda and Bradley Wilbert, Caity McCardell, Jean, Shirley Todd, Mona Tucker, Danne Croft, Lara Golden, Ashley Self, Marilyn Dippell, Sharon McDaniel, Cindy Hahn, Winona Smith, Ken McDaniel, Susan Girard, Elaine Stewart, PG&E, Wendy Castleman, RRM Design, Jim Wolfe, Tiber Canyon Ranch, Susan Commick, Anna Currie, Tammy David, Janet Davis, Patti Franz, Kathy Gibbs, Natalie Goguen, Connie Hall, Kathy Ichien, Karen Kolba, Nancy Kraus, Robin O’Rourke, Nancy Palmer, Ellen Polinsky, Ginger Ramin, Tina Ribeiro, Patti Reed, Sue Sanders, Lenore Spelbring, Catherine Walker, Lori Weitz, Judy Woo, Jean Graham, J. Owen Eister, Fran Norris, Caity McCardell, Karlie Cool, Diana and Richard Henderson, Fred Donati, Mary Ann Morgan, Madeline Fay, Cecilia Braun, Nancy Shearer, Judith Carleson, Ed Harris, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Rosemary Cleaves, Sharon and Walter Con, Gwen Carton, Ken White, Wendy Castleman, Lara Golden, Jean Leavitt,  Joann and Stan Benson, Linda Busek, Freddi Quinn, Kathy Forenza, Kitty and Kevin Rice, Joann and Stan Benson, Kathryn and Bahman Lotfi, Anonymous, Cheryl Goodman.

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