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Alternative Access for Lopez High School's New Culinary Class

In our last newsletter we had a link for a gift registry on Amazon for the new culinary class at Lopez High School. A number of Womenaders reached out to say they couldn't get the pictures/list of desired items. So here's another way in.

1.Go to your page. (you can use the page and sponsor SLO County Womenade!) 2. In the upper right hand corner there is a box that says "hello, sign in Accounts and Lists." Click on that box and a drop down window appears. 3. On the left side of the window there are 3 choices, Create a list, Find a list or registry or Amazon Smile Charity lists. Click on find a list. 4. On the page type SLO Womenade for the registrant and custom gift list and then the search button.We only have one list - Culinary Class- Creative Foods. Click on that list. Our list should pop up with the pictures of all the items the program has asked for at this time. Thank you all for letting me know the difficulty in getting into our registry list. Now let's get this kids learning how to become maybe the future chefs of America! Thank you for your support of this hard working alternate High School! Here's an excerpt about this program from our yesterday's newsletter!

Jennifer Bowen, Principal of Lopez High School writes: “A long time goal of LHS has been to start a Culinary type class. We were exploring how to make headway just before the pandemic and school closure. With the additional hiring of this summer, we've been able to add electives/hands-on classes to our master schedule, including a course called "Creative Foods." This is not as intensive as the Culinary courses at AGHS, for example, but we hope to grow it and offer a fun, educational class for our students.” We are hoping some of you will go in together on these items and help get this program off and running for some future chefs of America! We set up a gift registry on Amazon with the items they would like. This way we can keep track of what has been ordered and what remains. Once all is said and done, we will reassess to see what else they might need, and perhaps we can look through our over stocked kitchen to offer up some of our excess at that point. Items will be shipped to Rosemary Cleaves at 2357 Turnstone Street, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 and she will get the items to Lopez High School. Let’s help get this course off the ground. Please send an email to when you order an item! Thank you for your support!

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