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Winter Break Baskets

Our bellies are full, onto phase 2 - The Winter Break Food Baskets!

November 25, 2023

We all love a good story, right?! Good deeds make great stories! As you know, last week Womenaders put together Thanksgiving baskets for 160 families in need! Before we embark on Phase 2 of our end of year food offerings – the Winter Break Food Baskets - SIGNUPGENIUS link is: , here’s a thank you story from one of our agency partners that reiterates why we do what we do.

The program manager for the South County Early Learning Centers (preschool families) wrote the following:

“I wanted to email you to share how much gratitude our program has for the amazing offering of Thanksgiving Food to the Early Learning Center preschools, given by South SLO County Womenade. 

I was not onsite yesterday, to see in person the amazing donations,, but I did spend time today delivering a few of the food bags to a couple families who were unable to pick up the food yesterday, due to their children being sick.

What I wanted to share, after today's delivery, the parents felt so loved and cared for.  The parents asked about your program, and continued to say they could not believe your organization provided the food to every South County ELC preschool family.  I shared your organization has been doing this for years!  I found myself in awe, with the parents, as what your all do is simply beyond kind!

Not only does the donation help families to feel connected to their community, and so cared about, but it is also part of their family's resiliency.  As one family had opened their refrigerator to put the cold items in, I noticed it was almost empty.  Again, another reason why your offering is so meaningful and valued.

On a side note, I have shared with many people today while in the SLOCOE (SLO County Office of Education) office what your organization has done.  Literally everyone I shared this with has cried.  We were a mess today, a mess with tears of gratefulness.  I cannot say it enough!”

Winter School Break Baskets

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