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We're closing in on the end of 2020 - bet you can't wait to get out of this one!

It’s a very Green December for South SLO County Womenade!

Donors have outdone themselves this year end and the money has been flying in. Our agencies have been so very busy. We are so grateful for the outpouring of love, gratitude and open hearts in our community. We are closing in on $100,000 for 2020! Update on fundraising: Donations received in November $20,124.04 Donations since 1/1/2020 $83,617.21 Donations since 2/6/2019 $118,582.34 Recent needs requested are: Both South County Youth Coalition and the First 5 Early Childhood Learning Centers are doing “Adopt a Family for the Holidays” South County Youth Coalition, Contact Sara Zepeda First 5 Early Childhood Learning Centers, Contact Lauren Thorne County Nurses, always need diapers and wipes contact Melissa Richardson, South County Youth Coalition has a client in Grover Beach in a multi-generational family of 6, Family has no medical insurance and the dad needs a Sleep Apnea Machine (CPAP). Contact: Jessie Lopez The Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo has a blind, disabled senior client in need of a large cushioned arm chair Please contact Traci Walker at if you have one. Where has the money gone?! Below is a summary of what our agencies have been doing. We made our latest distributions on December 1st disbursing $13,300! The Nipomo Elementary School Food Distribution $0 in December. The last distribution took place on November 10th and the next one is December 8th In November we ran out of food so we are hoping to receive enough to feed everyone on this Tuesday. Lopez High SchoolReceived $1,000 in December

  • Purchased a book for a student - $10.38

  • They are accumulating funds to purchase customized face masks and other school labeled items – lanyards and sweatshirts

Lopez High School – Wolf Den– Received $500 in December Students are beginning to start “shopping” from the Wolf Den again. They are accumulating funds in anticipation of escalating needs

  • Three Men’s hooded sweatshirts - $64.77

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center Received $2,500 in December

  • Homeless family in need of food $100 Smart and Final

  • Single mom moved here from Utah and needs help with food. $50 Food 4 Less

  • Single mom of 5 struggling to pay for internet needed for distance learning/schooling $100 Spectrum

  • Child is staying with her aunt as a foster child and needs help with school supplies and pajamas $100 Marshall's and Walmart

  • Single mom needing safe place for her kids to get support with schooling. $25 Boys and Girls Club

  • Single mom going through financial struggles needs help with clothing and food for the family $125 Smart and Final

  • Mom just had a baby and Dad has been sick, not working full time. Needs help with food. $100 Smart and Final

  • Dad lost his job due to Covid. Very behind on all expenses. Needs help with clothing for the kids.$50 Walmart

  • Dad is the only one working and has lost his job due to Covid. Needs help with the water bill. $200 City of Grover Beach

  • Dad just lost his job and won't be able to make rent this month. Needs rental assistance. $300 B&W Mngt

Nipomo Family Resource Center Received $2,500 in December

  • Grandmother lost her job and spent 1 month is the hospital ill and needs help catching up with bills. $300 Sesloc

  • Mom diagnosed with cancer and family needs help catching up on bills, food and clothing. $300 State Farm Insurance

  • Mother is not working due to Covid and unemployment ran out. Needs assistance with water bill. $300 Nipomo Community Services

Oceano Family Resource Center Received $2,500 in December

  • Family in need of food for 3 teenage girls. Family is on one income. $100 Food 4 Less

  • Family had to quarantine for 2 weeks and had loss of income. $300 American Property Svc

  • Family needs help with clothing for all 4 kids. $100 Ross

  • Family did not earn enough money to cover the rent for November. Needs rental assistance. $300 Gray Properties

  • Family had Covid and were unable to work. Needs rental assistance. $300 Jessie Martinez (landlord)

  • Loss of hours at work due to Covid. Needs help with rental assistance. $300 People Self Help Housing

  • Father hospitalized for a week for Covid. Loss of income. Needs rental assistance $300 Caros Bedia (landlordO

  • Lost job due to Covid. Getting unemployment but needs help this month with rental assistance. $300 Villa Azul Apts

  • Child is a victim of severe trauma and finds therapy in making jewelry. $100 Amazon

The Link (south county) Received $2,500 in December

  • Low-income family has just been served with an eviction notice and must find an apartment by end of the month. They are saving for a down deposit but do have enough money for gas. They're driving back and forth to see apartments. $50 Gas gift card

  • Undocumented family of six. Low-income and having a difficult time paying son medical expenses due to his rare heart condition. Mother is having medical issues as well and is in hospital recovering. Father is in need of financial assistance to help with essential items. $100 Gift cards for food and essential items

  • Parents are seasonal fieldworkers and have had their hours cut this month. Student is in need of a jacket and winter shoes. $50 Gift card for clothing and shoes

  • Family in need of gas funds and essentials to drive to LA for an important doctor’s appointment for student. This appointment is to see if students needs surgery $100 Gas card and Visa card for essential items

  • Low-income family in need of childcare funds due to mother working full-time. Student has had suicidal thoughts and should not be left alone. The funds will cover 3-weeks of childcare at Boys and Girls Club. $300 Boys and Girls Club onsite program

The Nutrition Team $0 in December The Nutrition Team is up and running buying and packing weekend food for students without food over the weekends. Many thanks to the brown bag brigade led by Judy Woo. They have purchased food and filled brown bags for the Mesa Middle and Judkins Middle School students since the start of the fall term. Also many thanks to the bag fillers led by Mary Anne Morgan who have been meeting every other week to fill bags for the Lopez High School Students who do not have weekend food. If you would like to join this team for the second semester starting in mid January, please contact Mary Anne Morgan The County Nurses $0 in December The county nurses requested 2 play mats and baby wipes. We purchased these. $128.58 Amazon Casa Solana, Inc. $800 in December Casa Solana is using our donation to pay for one of their “gift beds” for women who want to get sober but can’t afford the cost of the stay. First5 Early Learning Centers $1,000 in December First5 Early Learning Centers in Oceano, Nipomo and Grover Beach have rejoined the South SLO County Womenade family. They have just started to meet families in person again and Lauren Thorne, director, reports they have gone through $900 in early December so our new donation comes at a perfect time. Our two remaining projects are drawing to a close:

  • the Book Drive for Nipomo Elementary School and the Pacific View Academy

  • the Wool Sock Drive

Book Drive - We are delivering the books on Tuesday, December 8th. So far we have nearly 2,000 lightly used books for the Pacific View Academy and well over 500 new books for Nipomo Elementary School. Many Many Thanks to the many, many donors of new books ! Pat yourselves on the back. We’re making readers everywhere we go. Also the gatherers and donors of lightly used books for the new library at PVA did a fantastic job. Very grateful to Kathy Ichien and Sue McCutcheon for being drop off places for these books. Pictures in the next newsletter. The Wool Sock Drive continues to December 15th. You can take wool socks to: the Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa, 6699 Bay Laurel Pl, Avila Beach, CA or at Susan McCutcheon’s house at 2342 Willett Way (Cypress Ridge), Arroyo Grande. Merchandise for fundraising We have created a couple of items to help with fundraising. T-Shirts $20 and Tote bags $15. We are not mailing items. They can be ordered by emailing Jill Ostrove at She will need to know:

  • size T-shirt (M, L, XL) and # of T-shirts

  • Totes – Number

  • Pick-up or drop off (5 cities area)

  • How you want to pay: check or paypal

Donors in November were: Mee-Harder Family Trust, Ann Mathias, Barbara Deel, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Phyllis Sims, Susan McCutcheon, Anonymous, Jean Leavitt, Valerie Glahn, Kathy Forenza, Ilse Outcalt, Jann Jeffries, Kathey Harris, Ann Jones, Nancy Buterbaugh, Joann and Stan Benson, Fran Norris, Rosemary Cleaves, Amazon Smile, Karen Blum, Sandy Richardson, Caity McCardell, Linda Busek, Wendy Castleman, Candace Guldeman, Ann Lovegren, Elaine Stewart, Mary Browning, Lynn DeLeo, Ellen Reddingius, Jean Graham, Marcella Gelman, Karlie Cool, Fred Donati, Belinda Benassi, J. Owen Eister, Mary Anne Morgan, Madeline Fay, Carol Chenot, Joanie Thomas, The Community Foundation, Karen Reinecke, Cynthia and John Cable, Jane Rowland, Jessica Griffiths, Cheryl Goodman, Helen Powell, Kenneth White, Ginny Kenny, Karen Kolba, Tina Doherty We had a number of in kind donations including 200 face masks for the students at Nipomo Elementary School, many new books, many lightly used books, 16 lbs of brown sugar, many hundreds of pounds of food for the Great Thanksgiving Basket drive, a double stroller To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 or go to our website or . Our email is: Our website is: Our EIN# is:27-0809744 Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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