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Who doesn't want to feel clean?! Right?!

Newsletter April 4, 2024

Hygiene Essentials Drive

Next Potlucks - Raffle

Hygiene Essentials Drive April 1 – 30, 2024

Robin Pisz, leader, with great assistance by Candace Guldeman

Our Hygiene Essentials Drive (formerly known as Toiletries Drive) runs from April 1 – 30, 2024.  This is our 7th year of collecting Hygiene Essentials for our community in need. Robin and Candace are hoping to go BIG this year! They have enlisted many people to be drop off locations and collectors.  Womenaders have been terrific supporters of this drive for the last six years and hope you all will be again!

Hygiene poverty is not being able to afford many of the everyday hygiene and personal grooming products most of us take for granted.  Poor hygiene and hand washing cause sickness and disease. Poor hygiene can also cause social rejection and may also lead to bullying, low confidence and low self-esteem.  One in three families has difficulty affording personal hygiene products. . People using Cal Fresh (California’s Food Stamps) cannot use it to purchase toiletries. Hygiene essentials are the most requested need after food!

f you would like to sign up to help with the sorting, please let us know. May 1 and 2 starting at 9 and May 3 and 4 for dividing up the collections among 25 agencies; May 6 delivery drivers at 9 am.

Donations can be made in several ways:

  1. Buy products and drop off at one of the drop off sites (see list below)

  2. Buy products using the Amazon Wish List or scan a Womenade QR code with your smartphone. This is the link to the Amazon Wish List Products will be delivered directly to Robin Pisz’s home.

  3. The Womenade Hygiene QR Code  

  1. Write a check made payable to South SLO County Womenade and indicate that it is for the Hygiene Drive and send it to South SLO County Womenade 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach 93433 or give it to Rosemary Cleaves or Robin Pisz and we will use those funds to purchase products.

  2. Donate a gift card - send to South SLO County Womenade (don't leave in collection boxes) or hand deliver to one of the collectors.

List of Hygiene Essentials:

  • Tooth Paste, tooth brushes, Floss, Mouthwash

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Soap – bar and liquid

  • Tampons and Pads

  • Diapers, Wipes and Rash ointment

  • Baby Shampoo, Soft hair brush

  • Nail clippers, Tweezers, Razors and Shaving Cream

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Sunscreen, Chapstick

  • Deodorant – adults and children

  • Toilet paper

  • Band aids, Neosporin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen

  • Hairbrushes, combs and hair ties

  • Towels – face, hand and body

  • Socks and undergarments

Cypress Ridge

Sue McCutcheon - 2342 Willet Way, Arroyo Grande

Lola Zybura - 2367 Brant St, Arroyo Grande

Carol Chenot – 2334 Brant St, Arroyo Grande

Jan Hensley Wollenmeir - 755 Avocet Way, Arroyo Grande

Andrea Chavez - 2295 Dunlin Way, Arroyo Grande

Fit Forever Gym – 1080 Cypress Ridge Pkwy, Arroyo Grande


Judy Woo - 1402 Vista Tesoro Pl., Nipomo

Stacy Murphy - 1975 Northwood Road, Nipomo

BJ BUSHUR – 1410 Penelope Ct, Nipomo

Arroyo Grande

Lisa Murdoch - 117 Pearwood Avenue, Arroyo Grande

Lisa Fraser – 606 Myrtle St., Arroyo Grande

Nan Fowler – 630 Cerro Vista Circle, Arroyo Grande

Gerti Garner - 812 Broadmoor Dr., Arroyo Grande

Tricia Robertson – 585 Birdie Lane, Arroyo Grande

Avila Beach

Elizabeth Sewell – Avila Bay Club, 6699 Bay Laurel Pl, Avila Beach

Grover Beach

Ann McDowell – 1793 Farroll Rd, Grover Beach


Linda Walker-Hill – 525 Byron Lane, Nipomo


Robin Pisz – 1259 Whispering Meadow Ln, Nipomo

Next Potluck -  Mark your calendar!

Saturday, April 21 from 2PM to 5PM

1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach


At the April 21st Potluck we will be drawing the winners of our annual RAFFLE! - Many fabulous prizes. 1 Raffle ticket (these are e-raffle tickets!) = $20 donation to South SLO County Womenade. You do not need to be present to win but it’s so much more fun when you are!  All donations received between April 1 and at 2PM on April 21st will be entered in the RAFFLE! Evite invitations will be sent out this weekend.  If you don’t receive one and would like to attend, please email us at


In Kind Receipt

Please complete and submit the in-kind receipt to help us track how much you all are also contributing in donor offered items: This is a jpeg that you can copy and print.


To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to:

Our bank asked that checks be made out with the full legal name on the account.


South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433.  We encourage you to become one of our monthly or regular donors.  This can be easily done through your bank or charitable foundation. Please remember that if your company has a matching grants program to include us.  As you make or update your wills, please consider adding a legacy gift to us for our future sustainability.

or go to our website

Our website is:

Our EIN# 27-0809744

Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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