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Happenings at South SLO County Womenade

Something for everyone - lots of information to share! If you're looking for ways to help here are a couple of ideas!

Newsletter June 8, 2021

A Special Fund Raising Event – Monarch Dunes Tennis Club!

We are pleased to announce a fabulous donation of $2,143 from the Monarch Dunes Tennis Club! We thank the tennis club board for their leadership and creativity in staging such a successful fund-raising event. Many thanks especially to the members and their friends and families for their generosity. We are also grateful to Shea Homes and Blue Star for their part in making this event a success.

New Committee Forming - A Grants Committee

Speaking of fundraising, we're forming our first-ever Grants Committee to help us research, apply for, and manage small- to medium-sized grants. These tasks help us get urgently-needed funds to individuals and families in our community. You don't need grant writing experience, just an eye for organization, some extra time, and an interest in our work. We need your help! Questions or RSVP Caity at Please join us on Zoom (Zoom Link Here) on Tuesday, June 22 at 5:00pm to discuss.

Toiletry drive

Last summer Lola Zybura ran a very successful toiletry drive. Toiletries are among the top 5 things most requested by clients in need. As you can imagine, after taking care of the essentials, there usually isn’t much left for toiletries! We are looking for a couple of people to take on the leadership of this year’s toiletry drive. Lola will be happy to tell you what she did. Please contact Rosemary at if you are interested.

August Potluck – we are planning our first in person potluck since the pandemic. Stay tuned for the date and location! We’ll have a blast!

Here’s where the donations went in May of 2021

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Jessica Baza

  • Family in need of financial assistance paying for childcare registration. B&G Club $56.25

  • Family is financially stressed and in need of help paying for childcare for their daughter. B&G Club $112.50

  • Family in need of financial assistance paying for childcare registration. B&G Club $56.25

  • Mom had a bad case of Covid and was not able to return to work. Just went back full time and is in need of gas and clothing. Marshalls and Shell cards $200

  • Family needs help with gas getting to doctor's appointment in Santa Barbara. Shell gas card $75

  • Client is in need of essential clothing items and toiletries Walmart $300

  • Family had Covid and dad lost many hours and they are still trying to catch up on bills. Pope Mngt (landlord) $300

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Karina Ayala

  • Student is outgrowing his clothing and mom does not have the means to purchase him new clothes. Walmart $100

  • Student has a hold on her diploma for past due costs at school. Needs help paying some dues. Nipomo High School ASB $100

  • Family is struggling through hardships and student is looking for a job to help. Needs help with current needs. Gift cards $200

  • Family is struggling financially and needs assistance with food and clothing. Vons/Marshalls gift cards $250

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • Children are sleeping on the floor and mother needs help purchasing beds and bedding. Walmart $100

  • Grandma is only working 3 days a week due to Covid. Multi generational home – need help with utilities and essentials. PG&E $96.67 and City of AG $168.18

  • Both parents are not working at this time. Client is working on getting cash aid but is in need of food Smart and Final card $100

  • Loss of income for family of 9. Renal assistance needed. Damien Ramirez (landlord) $300

  • Has an appointment with immigration in Los Angeles and needs gas and clothing to meet. Arco and Walmart gift cards $200

  • Grandmother adopted grandson and is financially struggling. Needs financial assistance to pay utility bill PG&E/Charter $285

  • Mom has cancer and recently has surgery. Has numerous medical bills and is behind on utility bills. Financial assistance needed. Gas/ PG&E/Trash $186

  • Single mother victim of DV just got away from abuser and just started work. Needs help getting on her feet. Kids need internet for school Charter $85

  • Stepdaughter has been placed with guardian by CWS and is in need of diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc. Smart and Final gift card $50

  • Neither parent is working at this time and kids need internet for school. Charter $135

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for 1 month to a mom of 7 who was just released from custody, homeless and unable to pay with the generous donation from South SLO County Womenade. Gift Bed $800

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen/ Auroro Munoz

If you have seen any lawn signs, senior banners and Lopez school gear – know that you helped these wonderful students enjoy the same graduation memorabilia as other seniors at other schools!

  • School gear for students, face masks, lanyards, 2021 Grad T-Shirts $2,554.72

  • Face Mask - Cloud 9 Sports $891.89

  • Grad Gift bags - Amazon $10.67

  • Senior Banner Project $500.00

Lopez HS Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Pampers Swaddlers, 2 cases and wipes $61

  • Van Husen/Izod, 8 men's shirts, Sm & Med $74.25

  • Purchase 5 graduation caps & gowns for students who couldn't affored to buy $250

First 5 Early Learning – Lauren Thoren – Mayra Botello and Melanie Powers

  • We gave a Smart and Final gift card to a family who just moved to the area from Mexico. The mom has been having a hard time finding work because she does not own a car. She is a single mom so the only income she has is what she makes. She has had four different jobs since she moved to the area because she has trouble transporting herself to the job sites..She has two children to provide for. She very much appreciated the grocery card as she has found it very difficult to provide for her family and apply for food support through WIC or other agencies. Grocery Smart and Final cards $300

  • We gave a Smart and Final gift card to a family who just moved to the area. The father is a single dad with two children who is trying his best. The father is going to school to prepare to offer his children a better life. While raising two children and providing for them while supporting them during these unprecedented times of COVID. $300 Smart and Final gift card $300

  • We gave a Smart and Final gift card to a migrant family with 4 children. The dad works in the fields trying his best to provide for his family. The mom works in a hotel part time to try to support her family with a little bit of income. The mom is trying her best to stay home as much as possible to support her children with distance learning. Both parents are very supportive and attended all parenting meetings. $300 Smart and Final gift card

The Link – Erica Andrade

  • A low-income is in need of help covering their high electric bill. Both parents are on disability and hope to return back to work by the summer. PG&E $210.81

  • Single Father has just returned to work after being laid off due to COVID. He is behind $500 in rent. Rental assistance Sea Haven (landlord) $300

  • Single-mother has just moved into new apartment and used all funds for deposit. She does not have enough money to cover food, toiletries and gas. Visa card $150

  • A low-income family is in need of a gas gift card to take their child to an important doctor’s appointment in San Luis Obispo. Gas card $50

  • Family has spent most of their income on rent and do have funds for their internet bill. Spectrum $100

  • Clients brother has moved out and now she can't afford to pay all the utilities and rent. She needs help paying off the internet bill. Spectrum $153.14

Update on funds received:

5/1/21 to 5/31/21 $ 6,977.63

1/1/21 to 5/31/21 $ 38,399.80

2/1/2019 to 5/31/21 $171,299.16

Many thanks to our fabulous May donors!Nancy Shearer, Sue McCutcheon, Candace Guldeman, Karen Blum, Ann Tompkins, Alex and Jessie Shu, Alex and Jessie Shu (2), Sandy Richardson, Mary Anne Morgan/Madeline Fay, Mary Anne Morgan/Madeline Fay(2), Jann Jeffries, Cory Gonzalez, Elaine Stewart, Gail Applegate, Tammy David, William Tindula, Sara Zepeda, J. Owen Eister, Kathryn Gibbs, J. Owen Eister (2), Jessica Griffiths, Fred Donati, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Paula Tripp, Carol Wilcock, Marcella Gelman, Erica Andrade, Lisa Fraser, Nancy Kraus, Gee Gee Southward, Janie Larkin, Karen Kolba, Ann Mathias, Christina Gaiger, Rosemary Cleaves, Mary Dejong, Launie Morones, Hope Whitehead, Sandra Staffero, Catherine Knoeferl, Diane Lee, Cheryl Goodman, Stella Medina, Tiffani Morones, Edi Monteiro, Nicki Bywater, Belinda Benassi, Robin O'Rourke, Jean Leavitt, Alex and Jessie Shu (3), Wendy Castleman, Ann Lovegren, Joanie Thomas, Alex and Jessie Shu (4) Marilyn Knollenberg, Elaine Stewart (2), Trilogy Tennis Club, Shea Homes, Blue Star Resort and Golf, PG&E Giving Fund, Madeline Stevenson, Mary Anne Morgan/Madeline Fay (3), Cory Gonzalez, Gail Applegate

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