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Your Donations Are Doing So Much in Our Community!

It's "where did your donations go?" time

Newsletter May 21, 2021As reported last week, our first ever raffle was a roaring success raising close to $16,000 – that’s nearly 800 raffle ticket entries! Congratulations once again to all donors of money and raffle prizes and all raffle prize winners! We’re hoping for an outdoor in person “honest to goodness” South SLO County Potluck in August. We’ll pick a date soon, and let you know to mark your calendars. Many thanks to the hard work and dedication of our advocates! Here’s the report on where your donations went in April The Link – Erica Andrade

  • Mother is in recovery and is in need of help paying for gas to get students to and from school. She will also use gas funds to help find a job. Visa Gift Card $100

  • A low-income family in need of toiletries and basic items. Most of their funds are going towards rent and utilities. Visa Gift Card $100

  • A single-mother missed the chance to sign up her student for Operation School Bell, a clothing program. Student is in need of clothing and shoes. Visa Gift Card $150

  • Low-income family is driving student to chemo appointments in the Santa Barbara county often and they need help with gas funds. Visa Gift Card $150

  • Student identifies as non-binary and would like to have clothes that fit with their gender identity. Father is supportive but does not have the funds for a new wardrobe. Visa Gift Card $150

  • A single-mother of three does not have enough funds to cover toiletries and gas. She works in SM in the fields and can use help with gas funds. Visa Gift Card $100

  • Single-father is looking for employment and needs help with gas funds. Family is homeless living in grandparents’ trailer. Visa Gift Card $100

  • A low-income family in need of gas money so father can look for employment. Family is also in need of toiletries and shoes for family. Visa Gift Card $150

  • Both parents are fieldworkers and have had their employment move to SM. They need help with gas funds and toiletries for the family. Visa Gift Card $100

  • Family in need of help covering toiletries and basic needs. Mother is unemployed and father has just obtained a full-time job. Visa Gift Card $100

  • Mother has rare medical condition and has to commute to North California to see a specialist. Family is low-income and needs help covering gas and food while driving with family to and from specialist.Visa Gift Card $100

  • Father has had his hours cut due to a medical illness, Mother is on unemployment and they need help paying off their water bill. OCSD Water $183.60

  • A low-income family in need of gas money so father can look for another job to hep cover rent. Also, they're in need of toiletries and shoes for student. Visa Gift Card $100

  • A single-mother does not have enough funds to cover gas money for the month. Her kids go to in-person school and she needs to get them to and from school. Visa Gift Card $100

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Jessica Baza

  • Mom of 6 needs help with medical bill that her insurance will not cover. $207 CHC

  • Family only received one income of SS. In need of clothing and basic needs for pre teen. $300 Walmart/Marshalls

  • Single mom with MH issues is struggling with son being home and needs assistance with getting him in B&G Club. $75 B&G Club

  • Family has no one to help with childcare. Child needs to attend B&G Club because she is not attending school in person.$56.25

  • Single mom living in her car with 2 year old son is in need of shelter and all basic needs. $100 Walmart/Arco

  • Single mom lost hours at work and needs help paying her water bill. $300 City of Grover Beach

  • Single mom with open DV case is currently not working and is in need of clothing and food for her family. $250 Food4Less/Marshalls

  • Mom and son have been homeless for a long time and have finally been housed. $300 Walmart

  • Single mom lost hours at work and is in need of help with clothing for her son. $100 Marshalls

  • Single mom just moved in with family due to losing hours at work and needs help with food. $100 Smart and Fina;

  • One parent income. Dad lost several hours at work due to Covid and needs rental assistance. $300 Oak Park Village (landlord)

  • Family is on one income. Daughter suffers from Celiac Disease, mother has to stay home to watch over her. In need of food and gas. $75 Shell/Food4Less

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Karina Ayala

  • Family is under quarentine and is losing income. Need help with basic needs. $300 Walmart/Vons

  • Mom is not working due to childcare needs and needs help with basic needs and clothing. $100 Marshalls

  • Mom struggling financially and needs help with utility bill. $300 Nipomo Comm Service Water

  • Single mother in need of financial assistance and help with utilities $300 – Southern California Gas

  • Single mom just came from Mexico and is looking for a job. Needs assistance for clothing for kids. $150 Ross

  • Single mom with 3 kids needs assistance to transport herself to work and take her son to SLO for therapy.$100 Gas card

  • Mom is not able to care for her children due to health problems. Need all the help they can get right now. $200 Ross/vons

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • CWS open case. Client is waiting to start work and is currently behind on rent.$100 Aleida Cabrera (landlord)

  • Student will start Cal Poly, his father has cancer and can't work anymore. Need all the assistance they can get. $300 California West (landlord)

  • Father drowned in a tragic accident and mother is working long hours to provide for her family. Kids are all in need of clothing $300 Ross

  • One parent income. Dad lost his job due to Covid and are suffering financially. $133.66 Geico Insurance

  • Student is pregnant and due in July. She needs all basic needs for baby. $200 Walmart

  • Student was hit by a train and sustained multiple injuries. Family needs help with gas to get to Stanford and food insecurities. $150 Arco/Smart and Final

  • Grandmother is raising her two grandson and recently had surgery. Unable to work and needs rental assistance. $300 American Properties (landlord)

  • Both parents hospitalized for Covid. Large medical bills put them behind and they are in need of rental assistance. $300 Carlos Bedia (landlord)

  • Single mother of 3 just got laid off and does not qualify for EDD. Needs rental assistance. $300 California Properties (landlord)

First 4 Early Learning Centers – Mayra Botello and Melanie Powers

  • 9 families in need of food due to loss of hours $900 - Nine $100 Smart and Final Food gift cards

Lopez HS – Aurora Munoz

  • School gear for students, face masks, lanyards, 2021 Grad T-Shirts $2,754.72

  • Face Mask Cloud 9 Sports $891.89

  • Grad Gift bags/Amazon $10.67

  • Senior Banner Project $500

Lopes HS – Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Men's leather gloves & women's black shoes for work uniform $56.02

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for 1 month to a lady that was pregnant, homeless and unable to pay $800 GIFT BED ($800 Per month)

Thank you to our donors in April: Mary E. Mitchell Baker, Fred Donati, Arlene Heinrichs, Jean Graham, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Phyllis Sims, Sue McCutcheon, Rosemary Cleaves, Alex and Jessie Shu, Mary Anne Morgan and Madeline Fay, Mary Browning, Barbara Crawford, Jessica Griffiths, Andrea DeVitt, SESLOC EE Charitable Match Program, Kathy Forenza, Gwen Carton, Daniel Wiebe Alexander DeJong, Wendy Castleman, Linda Busek, Karen Kolba, Shari McCarthy, Jessie Lopez, Lara Golden, Fran Norris, Jordis Daigle, Winona Smyth

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