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Summer is in full swing and so is South SLO County Womenade

July, July! How time does fly!

Newsletter July 17, 2022



Our next gathering is something a little bit different - On Sunday, August 21st from 1PM to 3PM, we are having a Cookie Swap Party! It will be held in the “950 Room” at Cypress Ridge. Let’s do something nice for someone else and a little something good for ourselves. We invite anyone wanting to come to the cookie swap to make and bring 3 dozen cookies that day. We plan to make up platters of two dozen cookies for our partner agencies and their advocates. School will just have started and many of our agencies work with the families and children in the schools. The other dozen cookies will go to bakers to take home. Of course there may be some sampling during the afternoon! Let’s be creative so we don’t end up with 3 dozen batches of chocolate chip cookies! Please plan on bringing your cookie recipe and the story behind your favorite recipe. We plan on sharing recipes at some point. We will ask for a free will offering to help us continue our work with these agencies. We will have some light snacks and beverages available. Look for a "Sign Up Genius" email to sign up to come and let us know what cookie you'll be bringing! Should be so much fun!

Future Potluck Dinners

  • September 1, 2022 6 PM at Caren Russom’s home in the village

  • This is a changed date October 12, 2022 at 6PM at Candace Guldeman’s home on the mesa

We would love to have one more potluck dinner between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If anyone is interested in volunteering to host one, please email us at


  • Garage Sale at Trilogy next Saturday July 23 from 8AM to 2PM. Vanessa Fujimoto, a Womenader, will be selling her unbelievably beautiful handmade aprons in 3 sizes – adults, children and dolls. She is giving all the proceeds from the sale of these aprons to South SLO County Womenade! Her address is 1135 Aidin Ct, Nipomo, CA 93444. They will make excellent holiday gifts. Check it out!!

  • General Toiletries drive In September we would like to run a toiletry drive. Hygiene Poverty is rampant in our community. Lola Zybura has volunteered to co-lead this project but she needs a co-leader as these items get very heavy and will need to be bagged, sorted and delivered. Won’t you help out Lola?! Please email us at if you would like to co-lead this project with Lola.

  • School Supplies In October we would like to run a “we missed the bus” drive specifically for teachers who still need specific school items in the classroom. Once the “stuff the bus” campaign is over teachers will still be missing critical teaching supplies and are always reaching into their own pockets for these supplies. Please email us at if you would like to run this project.

  • Volunteer opportunity!!! A couple of Womenaders have started a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called We Love Educators created to show support for teachers in the Lucia Mar Unified School District (LMUSD) by providing a solid corps of committed volunteers. They are looking for retired educators, college students, and community service group members who want to share their skills and volunteer in classrooms by offering direct, hands-on support. If you are interested in learning more about the organization, please visit their website at WeLoveEducators.Org or call for more information: Piper at (805) 801-5006 and or Kim at (805) 710-2119.


The City of Grover Beach, Melissa Biel, Carol Morrison, Karen Kolba (2), Barbara Crawford, Linda and Brad Wilbert, Mariam Shah, Sheila Semana, Fran Norris, Mary Anne Morgan and Madeline Fay, George Dubois, Rosemary Cleaves, Katy Ayer, Elaine Stewart, Shelly Springer, Alex and Jessie Shu, Caren Russom, Marcella Gelman, Linda Fibich, Mary DeJong, Lori Connolly, Wendy Castleman, Gwen Carton, Debbie Perrault, Susan McCutcheon (2), Shirley Horacek, Cheryl Goodman, Linda Busek, Marcia Alter, Negar Mashhoon, Lora Seibert, Elsie Seibert, Jill Ostrove, Lara Golden, Jessica Griffiths


6/1/22 to 6/30/22 $10,067.91

1/1/22 TO 6/30/22 $41,894.65

2/1/2019 TO 6/30/22 $265,596.38

Where did the donations go?

Nutrition Team - Food for families in need and for school children $209.74 SLO FoodBank

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Supervisor Mariana Gutierrez

  • Young Mother of a two-year old boy left a toxic relationship and moved in with a family member. Her son is a picky eater and will only eat certain snacks, she is in need of a food card. $50 Vons

Oceano Family Resource Center – Advocate Stella Medina

  • Father was ill and receiving med treatment at UCLA, mother stayed at UCLA for a week and lost wages. They are in need of rental assistance. $300 Ruiz Apartments (landlord)

  • Just graduated from ASH as a psych tech. but waiting on the state board to get her license. Needed support paying her DMV fees so she can get to work once she gets her license. $280 DMV

  • Family of 8. Father injured in a work related incident. Mother battling cancer needs surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Needs gas card to get to UCLA for surgery. $100 Shell

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Supervisor Mariana Gutierrez

  • Family contracted COVID. Parents did not work and they fell behind on bills. Need assistance paying rent. $100 California West (landlord)

The Link – Advocate Erica Andrade – Mesa Middle School and Judkins Middle School and Advocate Brenda Gonzalez – Paulding Middle School

  • A student has been seeing outside counseling and has various medical appointments. The family relies on fathe’rs income but they cannot afford the electric bill this month due to the high-rising prices of gas. $133 PG&E bill

  • A family of two requires financial assistance for a medical trip to San Francisco. The student has a rare medical illness that requires her to travel to a special apt twice a year. In addition, the student's single mother cannot work due to a chronic health condition. As a result, the family relies upon a social service program and struggles to pay for the gas and food cost to get to the San Francisco.$150 Shell

  • A single parent needs financial support to cover the cost of a specialized diet for their student with a chronic illness. In addition, the parent cannot work due to caring for their daughter's physical and daily activity needs.$150 Food

  • A single-father and his two children are homeless and coach surfing with friends. The father has been looking for an apartment for his family but has struggled paying high-gas prices. He is in need of a gas gift card so he can have access to search for a rental.$100 Shell

  • A family has just migrated from Mexico to the USA and is living in a small trailer in a backyard. The father works part-time as a pastor and mother takes care of their child who has severe autism. The family has applied for CalFresh but is waiting on approval. They are in need of a food gift card to get them through the week.$100 Food

  • A sole-income family is struggling financial due to main provider having skull surgery in July. The family needs assistance with a food and is requesting support with a gift card to cover the cost while mother is out on surgery leave. $100 Food

Lopez Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Off for the summer

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen, Principal

  • Off for the summer

Families in Transition

  • Off for the summer

First 5 Early Learning Centers

  • Off for the summer

Casa Solana – Renée Poirier – Executive Director

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a Gift Bed to a young lady that was just released from custody. We are currently collaborating with some other agencies to help her make some positive changes in her life so that she can stay out of custody and off the streets. $800 gift bed for May

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed to a lady who was being released from custody. Prior to being arrested she struggled with Fentynal abuse and her previous living situation was not safe for her to return. $800 for June

Department of Social Services/ Transitions Mental Health Association

  • A woman recently had a death I her family and needed clothes and food $25 Walmart

  • A gentleman needed to purchase some food for the weekend until his benefits could be issued to him $50 Walmart


To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to:

South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433. We encourage you to become one of our monthly or regular donors. This can be easily done through your bank or charitable foundation. Please remember that if your company has a matching grants program to include us.

or go to our website

Our website is:

Our EIN# 27-0809744

Phone number: (805) 270-5751

We are also a registered Amazon charity as San Luis Obispo County Womenade! Please consider supporting us when you shop on Amazon!

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