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5/6/20 Admin April fundraising a great success!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We did it - here are the numbers as we prepare for virtual Zoom “potluck” on Sunday May 24th.

I find that time seems to slip away during this time that we are sheltered-at-home!  Here we are on May 6th already!  It’s been another amazing 2 weeks at South SLO County Womenade. 

First of all, many donors gave to our “Admin April” call to help us cover expenses – our goal was $3,000.  As of the end of April we raised $3,100!  Thank you to all who donated  to help us operate.  We continue to strive to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.  We send “thank  you’s” and receipts via email wherever possible.  We are asking for email contact information, so we can continue to save on postage.  If for any reason you  need a “mailed” formal letter, please let us know, and we will send you one.

Thanks to our fabulous donors, we raised $9,777.04 in April in addition to the $3,100 for Admin April!  As a reminder, if you have received or are expect to receive a federal stimulus check, and if it really won't make a big difference to you, know that it would make a huge difference to those in need in our community.  Please consider donating it.

We are planning a virtual Zoom “potluck” on Sunday May 24that 4pm.  It’s our first one, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.  Look for more information coming soon for your invitation.  Many of the advocates have already signed up to attend so you can hear directly from them about how things are going for them in this very stressful time.

In our last newsletter we brought up the new project idea of making food bags of most wanted items for those in need in south county.   Some folks have already contacted Daniela.

Connect with your friends and encourage them to start filling grocery bags with these items. One of you can be the group leader and collect and deliver the bags.  If you want a receipt for in-kind donations, please let me know and I will email you a form. 

The process would entail connecting with your friends, and ask if they would like to fill bags with the items below.  In this time of social distancing it makes sense for each team member to fill their own bag(s).  The group leader would arrange to make the delivery.  They can be delivered to Daniela Garcia, 1511 19th st in Oceano on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Oceano Family Resource Center between 10 AM- 3 PM. Please call her ahead of time to ensure I have someone will be there to receive the items.  Phone number is 805-458-1511 call or text

Items most needed are:

Vegetable Oil


Corn Tortillas

Flour Tortillas


Canned Tuna

Canned Chicken

Instant Coffee

Antibacterial Soap

Maseca Flour (for corn tortillas)

Also if anyone is crafty, they can use face masks!

Here is an update on some of the activities going on with our sponsored agencies.

The Link:

  • Electric bill past due to COVID-19 $160.39

  • Mother fleeing DV, gas and Food needed $75

  • Gas is about to be shut off for family. Late Fees $156.54

  • Family in need of food assistance due to COVID $50

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center

  • Dad lost job due to Covid- needs help with food for his kids $100

  • Single mom lost job due to Covid- needs help with food for the family $100

  • Mom lost job due to Covid, Dads hours reduced. Needs food assistance $100

  • Grandparents homeschooling 4 children. Needs all the help they can get with food and basic needs $100

  • Single mom with 5 children needs help with food while kids are home $100

Nipomo Family Resource Center

  • Single mom had her hours cut due to Covid and needs food assistance $100

  • Mom layed off from work due to Covid needs help with food and clothing  $150

  • New mom needs help with food $50

  • Family needs help with toiletries, diapers, other household items $100

  • Single mom with 2 kids needs help with food and clothing $50

  • Mom needs help with food for her kids $100

  • Mom needs help with food for her kids $100

  • Mom needs help with food for her kids $50

  • Mom needs help with food for her kids $50

Oceano Family Resource Center

  • Mom lost job due to Covid and does not qualify for UBI- water bill needed to be paid  $163.76

  • Mom’s job reduced her hours due to Covid and she needs help with food $50

  • Family  needs help with household items- toiletries $100

  • Father left the family and mother just lost her job due to Covid needs help with basic needs $50

  • Mother lost her job due to Covid. Needs help with food $50

  • Mom needs help with food for her kids $50

  • Mom lost job due to Covid and needs food assistance $100

  • Mother lost her job due to Covid. Needs help with food $100

  • Mother lost her job due to Covid. Needs help with food $50

The Nutrition Teamreports that Kathy Cohl and her husband  have been filling bags at Mesa Middle School for both Lopez High School and Judkins Middle School students for weekend food.  There are only 5 weeks left in what would have been the regular school year and they are prepared to finish off this school year.

The Nipomo Elementary School Food Distributionwill take place this coming Tuesday, May 10th.  We have increased our numbers to 360 from 250.  There are many new procedures from the foodbank, and we are busily planning our way to make this another successful distribution.

Lopez High School purchased graduation signs for their 95 graduating seniors with help from Womenade.  Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries are acting as “booster Moms”.  With the additional donations from Womenaders they will be able to purchase some other graduation “gifts” to help these hardworking seniors know how special they are.  Thank you to those who made donations to help LHS cover these costs.

The agencies continue to work tirelessly by texts, phone and emails to serve their clients.  The advocates report that with the ongoing crisis the biggest daily requests are for:

  • Food, household items gas

  • rental assistance

  • baby care items – diapers, wipes, baby food

To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: SouthSLOCountyWomenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 or go to our

Mark your calendars, our first zoom potluck is Sunday May 24that 4pm.  Stay tuned for more details.  We encourage you to hold your own virtual potluck!  You can catch up with your friends and ask for donations. If you want to host a zoom  potluck, let me know, and we will work with you on setting one up.   We will be happy to "attend" and share the news on zoom at your "potluck" The agencies are expecting a surge in requests for rental assistance as we are now well into May with sheltering at home and social distancing.

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