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Newsletter August 15, 2022



Time is running out to sign up for the Cookie Swap Party. We would like a minimum of 12 attendees, and we are at about half that now. Please consider coming to this fun event! See below on how to sign up!

On Sunday, August 21st from 1PM to 3PM, we are having a Cookie Swap Party! It will be held in the “950 Room” at Cypress Ridge. Doing something nice for others and ourselves! We invite anyone wanting to come to the cookie swap to make and bring 3 dozen cookies that day. We plan to make up platters of two dozen cookies for our partner agencies and their advocates. School starts on August 18th and many of our agencies work with the families and children in the schools. The other dozen cookies will go to bakers to take home. Of course there may be some sampling during the afternoon! Please plan on bringing your cookie recipe and the story behind your favorite recipe. We plan on sharing recipes at some point. We will ask for a free will offering to help us continue our work with these agencies. We will have some light snacks and beverages available.

Future Potluck Dinners

September 1, 2022 6 PM at Caren Russom’s home in the village – Evite has been sent! If you didn’t get an invitation, please email us at sslocwomenade@gmail to let us know you want to come!

September 27 at Gay Groomes home – limited space available; stay tuned

October 12, 2022 at 6PM at Candace Guldeman’s home on the mesa

We would love to have one more potluck dinner between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If anyone is interested in volunteering to host one, please email us at


General Toiletries

We have a co-leader! Hooray! Lisa Murdoch has stepped up to co-lead this drive with Lola Zybura. It runs from September 1 to September 30. If you don’t want to shop, you can go on Amazon and have items shipped to Lola or Sue’s addresses. Drop off locations in next newsletter. Locations don’t want things delivered before September 1st! Some folks have said they are already stockpiling toiletries so here is a list of the most sought after items (full sizes please):



Soap – bar and liquid



Floss and floss picks




Shaving cream


Baby shampoo and baby soap baby wipes




Nail clippers

School Supplies

In October we are running a “we missed the bus” drive specifically for teachers who still need specific school items for their students. Once the “stuff the boss” campaign is over teachers will still be missing critical teaching supplies and are always reaching into their own pockets for these supplies. Many of the stores have specials on school supplies now. If you want to get items while they are on sale and available, here is a list of items teachers need the most:

Large boxes of Kleenex

  • Clorox wipes

  • White Board Markers

  • Papermate Flair Pens

  • Post-it Notes

  • Highlighters

  • Magic Markers

  • Fine tip Sharpies

  • Pencils

  • 1” and 2” binders

  • Glue sticks

  • Scotch tape

  • Masking tape

  • Scissors

  • Rulers

  • Graph paper

  • Masking tape

  • Scotch tape


Linda and Bradley Wilbert, Marilyn Knollenberg, Rosemary Cleaves, Fran Norris, Anna Currie, Mary De Jong, Sheila and Richard Semana, Barbara Schader, Karen Kolba, Rotary Club of Pismo Beach, Elaine Stewart, Cory Gonzalez, Wendy Castleman, Charity Match SESLOC, Gail Applegate, Mary Anne Morgan and Madeline Fay, Betty Scully, Carol Chenot, Susan McCutcheon, Caity McCardell


7/1/22 to 7/31/22 $3,104.58

1/1/22 TO 7/31/22 $43,489.48

2/1/2019 TO 7/31/22 $268,700.96


Nutrition Team - Food for families in need and for school children $190.16 SLO FoodBank

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Supervisor Mariana Gutierrez

  • A family needs rental assistance since the father is the only one that is working right now. $300 Melero (landlord)

  • Mother was out of work 3 weeks due to her children being sick and so she didn’t get paid for the time she was home with her child $300Nipomo Community Services

Oceano Family Resource Center – Advocate Stella Medina

  • Family of 5 is struggling with their rent being raised again. Family has exhausted their savings with cost of living/inflation increases. In need of assistance with their water bill $193.23 City of Arroyo Grande

  • Single mother who started up her own daycare business is struggling to make ends meet until she can get more kids in her daycare $100 Food4Less

  • Father is in the hospital for the 2nd time in 6 weeks. He is the sole supporter, waiting on SDI payments. Family in need of emergency food $100 Food4Less

  • Homeless, single mother of 4 children needs food. Mother type I Diabetic $100 Food4Less

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Supervisor Mariana Gutierrez

  • Mother does not drive, will be taking son to youth camp on weekdays to AG City Council Chambers. $37 So Co Transit (RTA)

The Link – Advocate Erica Andrade – Mesa Middle School and Judkins Middle School and Advocate Brenda Gonzalez – Paulding Middle School

  • The father of a family was deported a year ago and mother has had to be the main provider for family of five. However, she had COVID twice in the last year and was not able to pay for her electric bill. $200 PG&E

  • The father of the family was in a serious car accident, has severe medical challenges, and cannot return to work. Mother is in the process of applying for In-home Support Services to provide care for him. They are in need of gas support to take their daughter to her sports events. $100 gas

  • A family of three has just moved to the area from out-of-state. They are living in their car until they find a place. They are in need of gas funds to be able to check out apartments/houses for rent. $100 gas

Lopez Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Off for the summer

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen, Principal

  • Off for the summer

Families in Transition – Wendy Bruse

  • Off for the summer

First 5 Early Learning Centers – Shannon Pimental

  • Off for the summer

Casa Solana – Renée Poirier – Executive Director

  • Casa Solana was able to provide an additional month stay for a young women who was recently released from custody and did not have the means to pay.She is doing exceptionally well in her recovery

Department of Social Services/ Transitions Mental Health AssociationJanine Lambert/Mayra Valencia

  • A gentleman who did not qualify for any benefits and no resources available needed to get to MC appointments $50 Chevron

  • A woman did not qualify for any benefits through our office, she needed food.Gave her some other resources too. $50 Walmart

  • A 60yr old women diagnosed with cancer needs gas to get to appointments $50 Shell

  • A woman needs gas money to go to DSS appointment for Medi-Cal application $50 Shell

  • A women that lives on the Mesa needs groceries & gas.She isn't working due to a medical procedure $25 Shell $25 Walmart


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