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Really busy times for advocates in South SLO County!

We feel a little like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland – “so much to do, so little time!”

We know that summer’s over and that school has started because the agency advocates have been super busy with appointments with families in need.


Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Nayeli Salinas Benitez – new advocate

  • Mom injured at work. Dad lost his business. Needs help with expenses. $159 AT&T

  • Family struggling with finances and needs assistance with rent. $300 California West

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Nayeli Salinas Benitez – new advocate

  • Mom went into early labor and has nothing prepared for baby. Baby is currently in NICU $150 TJMaxx/Walmart cards

  • Family struggling with financial stress. Needs assistance with bill. $198 Frontage Self Storage

  • Needs help with purchase of prescription glasses for child. $139 Vision Center. $150 Vons card, 100 Arco gift card

  • Water was shut off due to past due bill. Family is struggling to catch up. Needs help to make payments. $300 Nipomo CSD

  • Grandma is struggling to buy food and pay bills due to son being in jail and leaving her to care for his kids.$100 Food4 Less

  • Gas card to transport client to therapy appointments. Mom needs help with gas. $50 Mobil gas card

  • Mom is currently not working and needs help with groceries. $150 Vons food card

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • Father lost job and needs help with car seat to transport to Prado $50 Walmart card

  • Homeless family that needs car seats to transport family to Prado Shelter $50 Walmart card

  • Child recently suffered trauma. Child enrolled in gymnastics but mom needs help with costs. $100 Pacific Flips

  • Family needs help with school clothes. $100 Marshalls card

  • Homeless father and son, having food insecurities.$50 Smart and Final food card

  • Father had a medical emergency that required transportation, loss of income due to illness. No health insurance. $300 SLO Ambulance

  • Single mother of two struggling to make ends meet while she is going to college. $300 Golden 1

  • Family in need of clothing for school $100 Walmart

  • Three children need new school clothes. Father is only one working right now. $200 Marshalls gift cart

  • Homeless family that needs car seats to transport family to Prado Shelter $157.46 Walmart

Dept of Social Services/ Transitions Mental Health Ass – Cristy Romano/Mayra Valencia

  • An adult male needs fuel for his behavioral health appointment $25 Shell gas card

  • An adult male needs fuel for his behavioral health appointment $25 Shell gas card

  • Adult South County female struggling with homelessness and possibly mental health issues; needed clothing $25 Walmart gift card

The Link – Mesa, Judkins, and Paulding Middle Schools - Erica Andrade

  • A student has just been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires him to change his nutritional intake. The family is in need of a gas gift card to purchase special food for the students restrictive diet. $50 Visa card for food

  • A low-income family of six needs help covering students school soccer cost. The student asked if they can play in a sport to help with their mental health. $64 Soccer fees Paulding Middle School

  • A low-income family is in need of a gas gift card to take their child to their soccer games. The student has stated that sports help her mental health and she wants to start soccer again.$50 Gas gift card

  • A single-mom and her family are living in an RV park while looking for housing. The student is in need of active shoes for PE and his soccer practice. $50 Visa gift card for clothing

  • An evicted family is living in a small trailer on a friend’s property. They're in need of funds for gas to drive student to school. $100 Visa gas card

  • A student is in need of a bike helmet and shoes. He has a long commute to school and a helmet is needed for safety. $50 Visa card for shoes and helmet

  • A mother is in need of gas funds to take student to games/practices. The student mental health benefits from being part of various sports teams. $50 Visa Gas

  • A mother has just been placed on permanent disability and cannot afford shoes and clothing for students. The clothes and shoes are needed for PE. $100 Visa Clothing

  • A mother is planning to flee from a violent home and is in the process of moving her things to a storage facility. She needs help buying containers and gas to get to the storage space. $100 Visa (storage and gas)

  • The student has a doc appointment in San Francisco due to rare illness. They need funding to help with gas and food. This family is low-income and mother is on disability. $100 Gas

  • A student that is low-income is in need of funds to help cover the high cost of cheer leading. The student has noticed a positive mental health change when she stays active and believes cheer leading will help. $200 Mesa Middle

  • A single-mother has just been laid off and cannot cover the cost of her gas bill. All the funds she still has will be going towards rent. $50 So Cal Gas

  • The father of the family has been unable to work due to a serious medical condition and has been hospitalized.Mother is in need of gas assistance to take children to school and visit husband. $50 Gas card

  • Mother has a rare kidney issue and has been in and out of the hospital for the last month. The family is undocumented and does not have the funds to cover this months transportation expenses. $50 Visa gas card

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen, Aurora Munoz

  • PBIS Student Rewards Store, open to all students when they've earned/cash in tickets Vitamin Waters & other popular snacks $199.69 Grocery store

Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jefferies

  • Student clothing need – sweatshirt $11.84 Ross

  • Students’ clothing needs – 15 sweatshirts $215.59

  • Students’ clothing needs – 6 sweatshirts $258.76

  • Student’s transportation need – razor scooter $63.57

Early Learning Centers – Lauren Thoren

  • Family in need of groceries $300 Smart and Final food card

  • Family in need of transportation assistance to get children to school $200 Shell gas card

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

  • This is her third month in Casa Solana and during this time she has enrolled in Drug & Alcohol classes, Parenting classes and has established full-time employment. She will be moving to our graduate house upon completion of her 90 days and she will be able to pay her own rent.This lady is excelling in the program and working hard towards reunification with her children $800 gift bed


So grateful to our amazing donors in September!

Jessica Griffith, Nancy Terrell, Mary Browning, Karlie Cool, Patricia Reichert, Cheryl Goodman, Mary Anne Morgan (3), Madeline Fay(2), Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Kathy Howell, Susan McCutcheon, Jean Graham, Leonore Spellbring, Theresa Anne Rapasky, Karen Kolba, Fran Norris, Mary Dejong, Rosemary Cleaves, Candace Demack, Alex and Jessie Shu (2), Ann Tompkins, Lola Zybura, J. Owen Eister, Donna Gang, Jocelyn Wingate, Debra Jackson, Melisa Scherer, Rita Torres, Mary Wick, Genevieve Manzo, Cory Gonzalez, Kathey Harris, Carol Chenot, Wendy Castleman, Gail Applegate, Mentor Network Charitable-Caity McCardell, Elaine Stewart – Melaleuca, Smart&Final-McCardell, SueMcCutcheon, Heidi Boatman, Olive and Mike Shu

There were two grants in the donor list: Mentor Network Charitable and Smart and Final, both applied for by Caity McCardell!


Debra Jackson held a surprise potluck for South SLO County Womenade with her bible study group and raised $350! What a great way to hold a pop-up potluck fundraiser to help out those in need in our community. Much gratitude to Debra and her bible study buddies!


Kristin sent this update on where we are as of today with people signing up on Signup Genius. Here’s the link: It really is Genius!

We still need sign ups for these:

Canned Vegetables - 44 of 65 slots filled

Brown sugar - 55 of 65 slots filled

Oreos/Chips Ahoy - 31 of 65 slots filled

Tortilla chips - 1 of 65 slots filled

Cake frosting - 11 of 65 slots filled

Apple Pie - 0 of 65 slots filled

Butter - 10 of 65 slots filled

Cheddar cheese - 10 of 65 slots filled

Mexican Crema - 0 of 65 slots filled

Whipped cream - 10 of 65 slots filled

Rolls - 5 of 65 slots filled

Final food shoppers - 2 of 3 slots filled

Basket assemblers - 8 of 15 slots filled

Turkey pick up drivers - Filled - MaryAnne says she can pick up all

Delivery Drivers - 5 of 12 slots filled

Please drop off your NON PERISHABLE food items starting October 18 and ending on November 12 at one of the 3 locations listed below. Please put your name plus list of donated items on a piece of paper and tape this to your donation. Thank you!!!!

Perishable items should be brought to Mariam’s by 10 AM on November 19th the day we are packing and delivering.

1. Sue McCutcheon in Cypress Ridge -2342 Willet Way, Arroyo Grande

2. Judy Woo in Trilogy - 1402 Vista Tesoro Place, Nipomo

3. Mariam Shah - 2410 Green Place, Arroyo Grande

Gate will be open during the day. Drop items on the porch of the middle house (2412 Green Place) in designated area. If gate is closed, call 330-612-7714 or drop item in box right next to the gate.

Please contact Kristin Heenan, (805) 235-6686, if you have any additional questions or if something changes with your sign up.


The Blaze Pizza Fundraiser was on Thursday October 7th. We don’t have a total of money raised but the cashier showed me an amazingly filled pizza box with receipts from people who showed the flyer and she said they were slammed with customers. Thanks to all who supported this fundraiser and had a slice for a good cause. We’ll let you know how much Blaze raised for us when we receive the check.

Mark your calendars! We have another fundraiser coming up on November 20th from 4 to 8pm at Chipotle in Arroyo Grande with their Do Good for Chipotle - Food with Integrity and 33%! of each participating meal coming to South SLO County Womenade


Here’s a picture of the second round of donations to help make the new culinary arts class at Lopez High School a success. The students were so excited to open all the gifts and now they are good to cook up fabulous food! Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to this opportunity for many students!


The October Food Distribution took place on Tuesday October 12. We had lots of amazing food from the SLO Foodbank plus books from the The Monday Club, Raising a Reader Committee, led by Janice Crooks with help from Leah, a bilingual staff person. There was this one car with 4 kids seated in the back seat and when they came up to the food area, they all had their noses buried in the new books, and they said they were very happy! Unfortunately, estimating numbers who might come through the line each month is an art more than a science, and we ran out of food around 6:15pm and had to turn away 10 to 15 cars with about 25 families!


To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433

or go to our website

Our website is:

Our EIN# is:27-0809744

Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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