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New things happening at South SLO County Womenade!

It’s the middle of September, so you ask – what’s up next South SLO County Womenade! New course offering at Lopez High School We know there are many of you who would love to support a worthy cause – so we have one for you.

Jennifer Bowen, Principal of Lopez High School writes: “A long time goal of LHS has been to start a Culinary type class. We were exploring how to make headway just before the pandemic and school closure. With the additional hiring of this summer, we've been able to add electives/hands-on classes to our master schedule, including a course called "Creative Foods." This is not as intensive as the Culinary courses at AGHS, for example, but we hope to grow it and offer a fun, educational class for our students.” We are hoping some of you will go in together on these items and help get this program off and running for some future chefs of America! We set up a gift registry on Amazon with the items they would like. This way we can keep track of what has been ordered and what remains. Once all is said and done, we will reassess to see what else they might need, and perhaps we can look through our over stocked kitchen to offer up some of our excess at that point.

Here is the link to the Amazon gift registry. Items will be shipped to Rosemary Cleaves at 2357 Turnstone Street, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 and she will get the items to Lopez High School. Let’s help get this course off the ground. Please send an email to when you order an item! Thank you for your support! Fund Raising – BLAZE PIZZA Blaze Pizza in Arroyo Grande in the Walmart Shopping Center is holding a fund raising event for South SLO County Womenade on Thursday, October 7th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. They will donate 20% of proceeds from each meal!! You have to show the promotional flyer attached in person or enter PROMO CODE: 1328A if you order online. Please spread the word, share it in your social media, tell your friends and family and neighbors, put it on your calendar and help us raise some funds!


  • The Grant writing team is in need of more individuals who are interested in learning how to grant write.No experience necessary, just a can do attitude.

  • The Thanksgiving Basket Project Leader – we need a leader to head up the Thanksgiving Basket Project this year for about 60 families.Training is available.


  • Last newsletter the county nurses were in need of size 5 and 6 diapers.Mariam Shah and Dorothy Mauger answered the call and we were able to stock the nurses up with diapers!Many thanks!\

WHERE DID THE DONATIONS GO IN AUGUST? The Link – South County – Erica Andrade

  • A single-grandmother has custody of her three grand-children. Two of the children have COVID and the family is now quarantined. They're in need of toiletries and food for the next two weeks. Visa Gift Card $100.

  • A single-mother has a medical issue that limits her ability to work full-time. She is in the process of searching for an apartment that allows a Section 8 voucher. She is in need of funds to help cover her rent. $300 - Rent (Del Mar Properrty)

  • Asylum-seeking family in need of basic items. They fled Mexico due to violence with only the clothes on their backs. Visa Gift Card $50

  • Asylum-seeking family in need of basic items. They fled Mexico due to violence with only the clothes on their backs. Visa Gift Card $50

  • A homeless family is living in a family member’s garage until they find an apartment. Mother needs help funding gas to get to and from work. Visa Gift Card for Gas $100

  • A single-mother with two children. Older child sees a local therapist in-person. He needs a bike to get to his therapist appointment while mom is working. Visa Gift Card for a bike at Walmart $100

  • A family is in need of a gas gift card to get to and from homeless shelter/students school. Visa Gift Card $50

  • A student is in need of tennis shoes and clothing for school. This family fled violence in Mexico and only brought a small amount of clothing. Visa Gift Card for clothing $100

Transitions Mental Health Association/ Department of Social Services – Mayra Valencia/ Christy Romano

  • A female adult who has been given a 60-day notice to move out and needed gas to look for housing $25 Shell Gas card

Lopez High School - Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • 4 pairs of Men’s Jeans and t-shirts $55.74

  • 8 pairs of Men’s Jeans $89.99

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Mariana Gutierrez – Supervisor

  • Single mom and her kids recently moved from Mexico. They are in need of everything Walmart/Marshalls cards $300

  • Single mom of 5 kids going through a divorce and relocating needs help with school clothes. Old Navy gift card $100

  • Family is struggling financially and her sons need clothing and she needs help with gas. Mobile gas card and Walmart $300

  • Mom just lost her job and all of the kids are going back to school. She needs any help she can get with clothes and shoes. Ross/Marshalls gift cards $300

  • Family is struggling and needs help with back to school clothing for their son. Marshalls gift card $100

  • SAFE Intensive Family in need of food and basic needs. Walmart/Food4Less gift cards $100

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Mariana Gutierrez- Supervisor

  • Mom passed away in May and grandma took in child. She is in need of clothing and basic needs for him. Marshall’s gift Card $100

  • Mom needs to transport her child to mental health treatment in Northern Cali and needs help with gas. Shell gas card $50

  • Currently experiencing homelessness and needs help with food insecurities. Food4Less gift card $100

  • Gift Cards needed- Gas gift cards- (4) $50, Walmart $100- (2) $50

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • CWS involved case. Single father with 3 kids are all homeless. Needs help with clothing. Old Navy/Ross Gift cards $150

  • CWS involved case. Single father with 3 kids are all homeless. Needs help with gas. Mobile gas card $50

  • Single mother recovering from surgery and has been unable to work for the last 3 weeks, in need of rental assistance. Sea Haven Apts. $300

  • One parent income and mother needs help with back to school clothes for her two children. Ross gift card $200

  • Open CWS case-Client got pulled over and car was impounded. Needs her car to get to work and kids to school. $300 City Towing

  • Family only has one income at this time and the kids have outgrown their clothes. Family can really use the help for clothing. Ross Gift Card $200

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a Gift Bed for the second month to a woman with 4 children who are currently in foster care.She is homeless and suffers from substance abuse issues as well as alcoholism. She had been calling desperately trying to get into a treatment program but had no financial resources. The lady is excelling in the program and working on reunification with her children. $800

WHAT WE RAISED IN AUGUST August 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021 $7,275.60 January 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021 $53,036.00 February 1, 2019 to August 31, 2021 $185,935.36 THANKS TO OUR DONORS IN AUGUST Janice Smith, Linda Fibich, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Susan McCutcheon, Jordis Daigle, J. Owen Eister, Jessica Griffiths, Wendy Castleman (2), Anna Currie, Bette Hardy, Mardi Schleigh, Caryn Hall, Diane MacWilliams, Nancy Terrell (2), Karlie Cool, Mary Browning, Cheryl Goodman, Karen Kolba, Michael Donahue, Fran Norris, Rosemary Cleaves (2), Joanie Thomas, Winona Smyth, Alex and Jessie Shu (2), Marianne Moss, Mary Dejong, Kathey Harris, Elaine Stewart, Caren Russom, Barbara Crawford, Nancy Shearer, Mariam Shah, Michele Ferrall, Mirza Alikhan, Katherine Ayer, Marilyn Knollenberg, Ann Mathias, Andrea DeVitt, Tina Doherty, Mary Anne Morgan, Madeline Fay, Caity McCardell (2), Margaret Salame (2), Jann Jeffries, Lara Golden, Susan McCutcheon (2), Lisa Chadwick, Heidi Boatman, Shirley Horacek, Marcella Gelman, Michelle Moock, Shawn Ison, Carol Chenot, Fred Donati, Phyllis Sims, Ilsa outcalt, Jean Leavitt, Kyunga Heyde, Carol Wilcock, Madeline Stevenson, Beverly Dahlke Smith, Sharon McDaniel, Cory Gonzalez, T. Ernst, Gwen Carton, Carolyn Biedinger, PG&E Giving Fund, Gail Applegate, Eumi Sprague HOW TO DONATE: To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 or go to our website or . Our email is: Our website is: Our EIN# is:27-0809744 Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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