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Do you know what we did last night???!!!

A Good Time Was Had By All!!!

May 14, 2021 Newsletter Here’s what happened last night at our “Non-Food” Potluck with our first ever Raffle Unfortunately once again we met on ZOOM! We had between 35 and 38 people on the Zoom. We are looking forward to our August Potluck (for real) hopefully outside with real food! Hooray! The meeting started at 5PM. Rosemary Cleaves opened the meeting with welcoming remarks, thanking all who were in attendance, all who gave donations, and those who gave prizes for the raffle. She explained that the stories the advocates were going to share were funded through donations from all the donors, and they are not meant to be stories looking for a specific sponsor. Appreciation given to Jill Ostrove for setting up and running the meeting, and to Caity McCardell for organizing and running the raffle. Rosemary announced that we are having an all agency meeting on July 20th at noon to reacquaint all agencies with our mission and expectations and learn what’s working and what’s not. We announced that we were recording the Raffle to make sure we get an accurate documentation of prizes in the raffle and winners! Jill Ostrove shared that we still have a lot of merchandise available – t-shirts and totes! Let us know if you want any. The advocates then took turns sharing what’s happening in their world, recent trends and needs Sara Zepeda – South County Youth Coalition – trends are families needing clothing for children with kids going back to school. Also mental health issues Katie Gonzalez – Lopez High School – with some students back in school, the incentive program is back running again; lots of preparation for graduation and purchasing graduation paraphernalia for graduating seniors who otherwise would not get anything – gowns, school jackets/sweatshirts, lanyards, yard signs Lisa Fraser – The Link – introduced new advocate, Norma Chavez, a local woman who is at Paulding Middle School Erica Andrade – The Link at Mesa and Judkins middle schools. Trend is families in need of clothing, rent, utilities, gas. Students struggling with mental health Mary Anne Morgan – Nutrition team – number of lunches expanded to 50 every two weeks. Groceries at Lopez steady at 12 to 18 every two weeks. New program with Nipomo Parks and Recs helping with children and families in need of food. Also supplementing the Nipomo Food Distribution due to cut back in government funding of USDA food program. Heidi Boatman – Lopez Wolf Den – with students back in school, they are grateful to be able to “shop” in the Wolf Den for much needed toiletries, diapers/wipes, clothing, detergent. Also, the donated washer and dryer is helping so many students with laundry expenses. Jessica Baza – Arroyo Grande Family resource advocate and temporary supervisor of resource family centers – In AG, current needs are day care financial support for child with behavioral issues and help with clothing for children recently placed with grandparents. In Nipomo, Single mom of two children from a domestic violence situation needs help with getting her son to school. Needs help with a bike, helmet and an alarm clock to help the student wake up and get to school on time; Family with father recently incarcerated, two sons going back to in school learning and in need of food. Stella Medina – advocate with Oceano Family Resource Center – domestic violence survivor leaving safe house to a small rental. She has started a new job and needs help with gas and food; a child in a car accident going to Stanford for 3rd operation and Mom needs help with gas and food for the 11 day stay. Jill Ostrove – stated that South SLO County is a open, welcoming organization which works with and welcomes all people, and reminded us all to always put our most accepting, loving and tolerant selves forward when interacting with others. The Raffle Caity McCardle started the raffle at about 6PM. She said that each $20 donation gave a donor one raffle ticket and every multiple of $20 gave another ticket. Therefore with all the donors and their donations we had 780 names in the raffle which translates to $15,600 raised since our last ZOOM meeting! She explained that people with multiple names in the raffle had numbers beside their names – one number for each raffle ticket. That way only the winning ticket would be removed from the “random ticket drawing app”! Caity introduced each of the prizes, mentioning the donor and the random ticket drawing app was activated after each prize. - Many thanks to Caity's husband StefanPodell for running the "random ticket drawing app" as Caity described prizes and ran the raffle! Each winner has been notified. We have asked if any winner doesn’t want their prize that we would be happy to put it back in the app and select another winner. So stay tuned … Here is a list of the prizes and the people who won each prize: Central Coast Floats - 1 float / 1 sauna - Andrea Devitt Wine tasting at Wild Horse Vineyard - wildhorsewinery.comLinda Vleit Dodgers/Giants masks – Susan McCutcheon Marcella Gelman Ravenswood / Opolo wine from Lara Golden Marilyn Knollenberg Blanket / hand cream combo / Chroma Blends travel watercolor palette + watercolor paper from Rosemary Cleaves and Whiz Kids - Alexander and Jessie Shu Lookie Loops purses from Carol Chenot Gail Applegate Edna Valley wine (2) + cutting board Fred Donati Penzey's $50 gift card + spice collection Owen Eister Tolosa wine + 4 wine tasting passes Stevie Anderson Glass containers with Rosemary's microwavable cozies Launie Morones Pampered Chef salad dressing shaker / Penzey's salad spices - -Barbara Crawford Trader Joe's mystery shopping bag (includes wine bottle) - Ann Matthias Gardening gift collection from California Linda Wilbert Chocolate gift basket from Rosemary Cleaves - Mary Mitchell Baker Nail gift pack and beauty products (Sara Zepeda) - Shari McCarthy Nutribullet from Susan McCutcheon - Fred Donati The Big Red Cabin donated by Christine Gaiger - Valerie Glahn

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