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Check! Thanksgiving baskets for 129 families completed!

Newsletter November 19, 2022

The Big Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! So here are many thousands of word!

First there was the Sorting

Then there was Packing

Then there were the deliveries – so many happy families!

Thank you to all the donors who shopped, to the over 30 volunteers who sorted, counted, packed and delivered food baskets (bags); and especially to Kristin Heenan who led this amazing project. We packed 129 Thanksgiving baskets comprised of 3 large grocery bags full of delicious Thanksgiving foods including either a huge spiral ham or a large chicken that we sourced through the SLO Foodbank and taco chips donated by TACO WORKS in SLO!

KSBY filmed a story which was on the news yesterday. If you want to see it and you’re streaming, you can find it on the KSBY site but it’s not available through an online link yet – sorry!

So you ask – what’s next? Stay tuned! The Thanksgiving Baskets were so popular; we are gearing up for an encore for the Winter Holiday School Break. It’s a very difficult time for families and winter break is 3 weeks long and no help with food during the week from school breakfasts and lunches. We think we may have another 80 families to provide food for in December. Look for the next Sign-up Genius coming out November 27th.


You read that right! Please help us to earn this matching grant and turn $7,000 into $14,000. Fund raising has been more challenging this year for us and many other non-profits. We have a very generous donor offer us $7,000 in the form of a matching grant! Any donations received between November 16th and December 30th will qualify for the matching grant. Your generosity makes a big difference to so many people in need of urgent and emergency assistance in South SLO County. We don’t have another potluck until January 17, 2023. This is our last push for 2022.

Many thanks to our very generous matching grant donor!!!


January 17, 2023 will be our first potluck of 2023! Lynn Heinrich has graciously offered to hold the first one of the year at her home in Cypress Ridge on the mesa in Arroyo Grande. Mark your calendars! It will be here before you know it!

If you would like to host a potluck fundraiser for us, please email us at These are our main methods of fundraising and would like to have between 10 and 12 potlucks a year in our regular areas and new areas

to introduce our work to new networks and neighborhoods.


Lynn Metcalf, Joanie Padilla, Ardie Heinrich, Rosemary Cleaves (2), Fran Norris, Madeline Stevenson, Mary De Jong, Sheila and Richard Semana, Jann Jeffries, Arden Belshaw, Madeline Koontz, Ardie Heinrich, Mariam Shah, Gay Evison Groomes, Karen Kolba (2), Sheila and Richard Semana, Liz Fritz, Wendy Castleman (2), Ann Mathias, Mary Anne Morgan and Madeline Fay (3), Jean Leavitt, Piper Adelman, Lara Golden, Kathleen Secrest, Deb Sherry, Marilyn Knollenberg, Susan McCutcheon (2), Phyllis Sims, Candace Guldeman,Marcella Gelman, Mindy Bailey, Kyunga (Kim) Heyde, Lita Unruh , Sharon McDaniel, Linda Busek, Lisa Arakaki, Karlie Cool, Linda Fibich, Kathy Zack, Shirley Horacek, Melanie Sundstrom, Elaine Stewart, Barbara Berring Ward, Cory Gonzalez, Jean Graham, Gail Applegate,Lori Sonnabend, Vanessa Fujimoto, Carol Chenot, Patti Reed, Caity McCardell, Ann McDowell


10/1/22 to 10/31/22 $7,048.83

1/1/22 TO 10/31/22 $67,532.21

2/1/2019 TO 10/31/22 $291,263.69


Nutrition Team - Food for families in need and for school children $225.97 SLO FoodBank

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Advocate Marivel Pille

  • Children are in need of clothes, parents are under a lot of financial stress due to costs associated with probation $200 Ross

  • Single dad with 5 children needs assistance with paying internet bill so children can continue to do homework at home$300 Spectrum Internet

  • Single mom of 3 children had to stop working so she could take her children to school due to lack of school transportation. She is looking for gas and food assistance $150 Vons and Shell cards

  • Single mother with 4 children. Their house just flooded and they lost everything. Mom needs assistance with bedding items such as pillows, blankets, sheets & toiletries $150 Walmart

Oceano Family Resource Center – Advocate Stella Medina

  • Seasonal farm workers with 4 children unable to afford new school clothes for all of their children. Marshalls $300

  • Single mother of 3 struggling to make ends meet with high prices. The children are in need of new clothes and shoes. Ross $100

  • Family of 7, father lost wages due to medical illness.In need of assistance to pay for car insurance in order to get to work.$212.24 Alliance United Insurance Company

  • Two parent household with 4 children.Father in hospital after surgery complications.He is unable to work for several months, family lost income in need of help with water bill. $162.13 City of Grover Beach Water

  • Family of 4 w/ one income household struggling to pay medical bills.Family is undocumented doesn't qualify for Medi-Cal.Medical bills are causing severe stress & impacting their mental health. $300 CHCC

  • Single mother of 3 with a work related injury, her SDI benefits stopped last month without warning.The family needs food and gas. Grocery Outlet $100 Shell $100

  • Single dad working part-time needs gas to get to work and kids to school.The high cost of living is making it difficult to afford gas. $200 Shell Gas

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – CinthyiaOrtiz-Corona

  • Recently single mother just separated from her long time boyfriend.She shared financial responsibilities in the household with him, since the separation there has been no communication and active restraining order due to domestic violence altercation $300 Jane Gin (landlord)

  • Family is sustaining themselves on single income with recent job changes.Son needs new undergarments.Walmart $100

  • Single mother with recent hours reduced at work, requested support with diapers for her baby. Walmart $100

  • Youth is currently staying with his Aunt after parents’ divorce; step-father is no longer part of his life, mother recently incarcerated, and child is not eating regular meals. Food 4 Less $50

  • Single father struggling financially on SSI limited income.Needs support with buying an alternator for his car in order to get kids to school. $244.68 O’Reilly Auto Parts

  • Single father, recently took custody of son, is behind on expenses due to ongoing car problems/repair, on limited SSI benefits. Needs support with PG &E bill this month.$69.27 PG&E

  • Children have been showing up to school with dirty clothes & without socks.Blisters have developed, parent shared she needs support with buying appropriate sizes for the kids. Walmart $100 Walmart

The Link – Advocate Juanita Cantu-Chavez – Mesa Middle School and Judkins Middle School and Advocate Brenda Gonzalez – Paulding Middle School

  • Grandmother currently cares for her granddaughter in need of assistance with gas expenses to transport student to school. $100 gas card

Lopez Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • 6 girl's sweaters $1162.13 Treadsy online

  • 1 pair men's shoes $70.04 Converse

  • 1 pair lady's shoes $58.18 Converse

  • Beads for student's bracelet making Per Principal request $30.97

  • Unisex 20 short sleeve T-shirts $162.51 Treadsy online

  • Unisex 14 long sleeve T-shirts $113.12 Treadsy online

  • Acme patches, cleaner & bandages$94.20 Rite Aid

  • Acme patches & refillable water bottles $76.41 Walmart

  • Unisex -8 pairs joggers $85.55 Costco

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen, Principal

  • Wolf Market supplies for student PBIS success $89.19

  • Student Community Day supplies $282.45

Casa Solana – Renée Poirier – Executive Director

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for one month toa woman in her 40's who is struggling with her Alcohol addiction. She was being kicked out of her home and on the verge of homelessness. $800

Mission Hope – Katie Crafton Oncology Social Worker

  • A single woman in her 60's with cancer has been struggling to pay for gas to travel to out of town medical appointments Grocery Outlet $25, Shell gas $25

  • A mom with three young children living with advanced cancer who had an unexpected month of high expenses Grocery Outlet $25 Shell gas $25

  • A woman in her 50's who was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer is suddenly without income due to being self-employed. Grocery Outlet $25 Shell gas $25

  • A man in his 60’s with metastatic cancer struggling to make it to appointments. Shell gas $50

Department of Social Services/ Transitions Mental Health AssociationJanine Lambert/Mayra Valencia

  • Client needed new clothes; due to a medical condition, she lost weight. $50 Walmart

First 5 Early Learning Centers Shannon Pimentel Program Coordinator

  • The father of one of our preschoolers had to have a surgery. Unexpected health issues followed the surgery, so the father, who is the main provider, had to miss additional work than previously planned for. The family needed help with the water bill and was greatly appreciated. $163 Water Utility

Families in Transition Wendy Bruse Coordinator of After School Programs and Deicy Trejo Support Coordinator

  • Family came in a crisis state. Dad recently had a medical, had recent surgery and later developed blood clots that traveled to his lungs revived by mom doing CPR in the home. He was the sole provider in the home and will no longer be able to function at a 100 percent level or be able to work. Family did not have savings, and now mom is looking for work to get by. Four children in the school district $100 Food4Less

  • Doubled up family has two high school girls without transportation. Parents leave at 6am to work and are not able to take the girls to school. Family asked for assistance as their house is zoned for no transportation to the high school but still 2.9 miles away. Bikes were offered to the girls as transportation. $383.85 2 bikes, 2 helmets and locks plus 2 more helmets

  • Mother and son left their older sister's home due to conflict. They are now staying in their car in Guadalupe. There is no transportation due to the area they are in, and mom wants the child to continue attending school in Lucia Mar here due to him actually doing better in school and not getting bullied anymore. She is having to transport him to and from school each day, not being able to work, and needs assistance with gas cards to help put gas in the car. $50 gas card.

A Recent Need - One of our agencies has a young child in need of a twin mattress. If you have one or are able to donate one please contact us at Thank you!


To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to:

South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433. We encourage you to become one of our monthly or regular donors. This can be easily done through your bank or charitable foundation. Please remember that if your company has a matching grants program to include us. As you make update your wills please consider providing us or adding us with a legacy gift for our future sustainability.

or go to our website

Our website is:

Our EIN# 27-0809744

Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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