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Bet you missed us! Here's what's up with South SLO County Womenade

We sprang into spring - very busy bees!

April 24, 2021 Newsletter

The May 13th ZOOM “non-food” Potluck is fast approaching, and we are hoping for a fantastic turnout. We are holding our first ever RAFFLE with many wonderful prizes. Raffle winners will be drawn at the meeting. These “Potlucks” are our main source of fundraising. Here’s the EVITE Link: if you didn’t receive it and would like to attend. Spread the word and invite others to come.

Our suggested donation is $50 (which is about the equivalent of a meal out) but we happily accept more!

Some of the advocates are attending and will share some stories of what the needs are in our community.


Join South SLO County Womenade's fundraiser raffle! Enter for your chance to win one of these wonderful prizes:

  • Delicious local wines

  • Lookie Loops bags

  • Penzes spices

  • A one-hour soak at Central Coast Floats

  • A Godiva chocolate gift basket

  • Pampered Chef goodies

  • Polish Me Peachie nail products

  • Self-care goodies


A 3-night stay at the beautiful Big Red Cabin in Cascadel Woods near Bass Lake and Yosemite!

This cabin sits in a peaceful forest just a short walk from a picturesque mountain stream. Perfect for your next relaxing getaway, the cabin is spacious and gorgeous. All fees are paid! Support South SLO Womenade and have a chance to win this relaxing and beautiful weekend away!


  • Every donation to South SLO County Womenade of $20 received by May 13, 2021 at 12:00 noon will receive 1 entry to the raffle. If you donate $40, your name will be entered twice; $60 gets you 3 entries, etc. Your scheduled monthly automatic donations count, and you can win more than 1 prize!

  • You can donate via PayPal, check, or cash. Please note: Any check donations must be received in-hand by one of S. SLO County Womenade's Board members by May 13, 2021 at 12:00pm in order for it to count towards the raffle.

  • For every new member that you bring in to Womenade for our May event, you will get an extra entry! Each new member must sign-up for our emails, be present at the May event, and donate a minimum of $20 by the May 13, 2021 at 12:00pm deadline.

  • This raffle applies to everyone! Share and get the word out!

  • Please see: donation options below or call 805-540-1926 for more donation information.

Winners will be chosen live at our next Zoom event on May 13, 2021 at 5:00pm. Don't miss out!

Where did your donations go?

Our very busy and dedicated advocates have been very busy in March. Below you will read about some of the many urgent and emergency needs. Your donations made a huge difference!

Advocates’ Updates

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen

  • PBIS ticket store items, snacks & bike pumps & repair kits $210.02

Lopez High School – the Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Toiletries $45.26

  • Man’s thermal shirt, sweatshirt & underwear $161.95

  • Vans – 12 pairs of shoes $339.41

  • 13 pairs girls’ sweat pants, 9 prs boys sweat pants, 7 boys jackets $528.79

The Link – Erica Andrade

  • Family is in the process of applying for CalFresh and they are in need of funds to cover food cost. Mother works part-time and father has been laid off due to Covid. $100 Visa Gift Card (food)

  • Undocumented Family utilizing Section 8 voucher. Dad is on disability and mother works at a housekeeping company. Mother is in need of funding for gas to get to and from work. $100 Gas card

  • Family had been evicted but found new apartment. They did not qualify for any housing programs due to income being a little too much. They need help with covering rent due to their down deposit being so high $300 Landlord

  • Family in need of help covering toiletries for the home. Both parents are part-time field workers and can use help with funds. $100 Gift card

  • A low-income family in need of clothing for student who is returning back to school. He needs shoes and pants since he has grown. $100 Visa gift card

  • Mother is disabled and father works part-time due to a medical issue. They're low-income and on Section 8 but do not have enough to cover electricity bill. $86 PG&E

  • Undocumented Family in need of utility assistance. Mother is a homemaker and father works part-time and can only cover the rent this month. $39.42 PG&E

  • Mother is disabled and father works part-time due to a medical issue. They're low-income and on Section 8 but do not have enough to cover their gas bill. $67.69 Southern Cal Gas

  • Single-mother is having a difficult time getting daughter to school. She works full-time and student is struggling with low-grades. A city bus pass would help student get to school. $24 RTA (city bus pass)

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Jessica Baza

  • Kids dad went to jail and mom just started working. Needs to get on her feet. Needs help with food and clothing $100 Smart and Final and ARCO

  • Family all got Covid and are struggling to pay bills.$100 PG&E

  • Mom fled a DV situation from Fresno and is now living with family here. Needs help with clothing and food. $200 Vons and Ross

  • Boy is adopted and grandpa cares for him. Needs help with toiletries, food and clothing $300

  • Dad is very ill and had to take too much time off of work and was laid off. In need of any help he can get. Needs food, gas and toiletries. $300Walmart, Shell, Food4Less

  • Moms hours were cut back due to Covid and needs rental assistance $300 Bishop ING (landlord)

  • Multi generational home. Grandparents caring for 4 kids. In need of clothing for growing kids $100 Ross

  • Three growing children in need of clothing and shoes $100 Ross

  • Grandpa laid off due to Covid and in desperate need with PG&E bill. $300 PG&E

  • Single mom with MH issues struggling with son being home. Needs help with B&G Club to assist with him $300 Boys and Girls Club

  • Child dealing with MH issues and is looking for a therapy bird to help with stay calm. He had a bird in the past that helped him $100 CD Pet Shop

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Karina Ayala

  • Single mom staying home to care of her 5 kids. Husband passed away in November. Family is struggling. $150 Steve Smith (landlord)

  • Family is going through a difficult time and needs rental assistance. $300 SLO Bay Apartments (landlord)

  • Mom in not working and dad is working part time. Family needs help with food and clothing $250 Marshalls/Vons

  • Single mother is desperate need of help with bill. Water was shut off. $150 Golden State Water

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • Lost job due to Covid and recently lost her mom and had to pay funeral expenses. Needs help with DMV fees. $348 DMV

  • Grandparents caring for family got Covid and employer did not offer Covid pay, behind on rent and needs assistance. $300 La Brisa Marina (landlord)

  • Mom lost job due to Covid and dad is on disability. Needs assistance catching up on bills. $300 OCSD

  • Single mom affected with Covid, needs assistance with internet bill. $90 Charter

  • Client is having medical issues and unable to work. Needs rental assistance. $300 Carla Wallace (landlord)

South County Youth Coalition – Sara Zepeda

  • Family is in need of basic needs. $100 Walmart

  • Family is in need of newborn baby supplies $100 Walmart

  • Parents need help getting clothes for child who has outgrown her wardrobe. $100 Marshalls

  • Child is now attending school and is in need of clothing. $100 Marhalls

  • Child is attending school in person and parents cannot afford to buy her new clothing. $100 Marshalls

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for 1 month to a lady that was pregnant, homeless and unable to pay with the generous donation from South SLO County Womenade. $800

Funds Received:

2019 $34,965.13

2020 $97,934.23

1/1/21 to 3/31/21 $26,686.86

2019 to 3/31/21 $159,586.22

Many Thanks to Our donors in March – We can’t do this without you!:

Linda Fibich, Ann Mathias, Karen Blum, Phyllis Sims, Gail Schwartz, Sue McCutcheon, Madeline Stevenson, Jean Leavitt, Marilyn Knollenberg, Katy Ayer, Bradley and Linda Wilbert, Ann Lovegren, Diane O'Lear, Jessica Griffiths, Elizabeth Smith, Emily Lanzone, Kristin Bertsch, Sharon McDaniel, Greg Baxley, Karen Kolba, Joann and Stan Benson, Freddi Hess Quin, Rosemary Cleaves, Chris Craig, Connie Hall, Carol Chenot, J. Owen Eister, Rita Torres, Elaine Parrent, Jane Larkin, Sally Leon, Kirk Roberts , Debra Jackson, Barbara Schader, Liz Fritz, Lenore Spelbring, Winona Smyth, Cory Gonzalez, Wendy Castleman, Linda Busek, Elaine Stewart, Alex and Jessie Shu, Stevie Anderson, Jacqueline Thomspon, Shalis Salinas, Sandra Dodd, Karlie Cool, Jennie Curto, Mariam Shah

To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 or go to our website or . Paypal charges 2.2% plus 30 cents for each transaction (approximately 2.5%). If you use Paypal to donate, please consider covering the service fee of about 2.5% we are charged.

Our website is:

Our EIN# is:27-0809744

Phone number: (805) 270-5751

Our mailing address is:

South SLO County Womenade1793 Farroll Rd. Grover Beach, CA 93433

Copyright © 2021 South SLO County Womenade, All rights reserved.

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Our mailing address is:

South SLO County Womenade1793 Farroll Rd. Grover Beach, CA 93433

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