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A Fabulous "Non-Food" Potluck and lots of other news

Newsletter February 21, 2021

Our ZOOM Fundraiser on February 18, 2021

Forty – yes 40!!! Women met on our ZOOM “non-food” potluck last Thursday! It was our biggest virtual ZOOM fundraiser and many thanks to the board and all the attendees! Rosemary Cleaves kicked off the meeting with a few messages:

  • Encouraged us all to think about inviting new people to each of our fundraisers to keep our numbers growing

  • Consider recurring donations through our bank account’s “bill pay” function. See description of one person’s method of doing it through her bank. Recurring payments helps us to plan donation levels to our sponsored agencies. Also can be done through PayPal, but Paypal charges 2.2% plus 30 cents per transaction. Please consider upping your donation by about 2.5% to cover charges.

  • Announcement of our first raffle at our May 13th fundraiser and asked for donations of items we can use for raffle prizes – large (cars, stays at chateaux, airline tickets, etc.) and small items all welcomed.

  • Encouraged members who have a desire to launch a project (collecting socks, toiletries, books, etc.) that they can do so under our umbrella but we ask members to take total ownership.We can connect them to appropriate agencies to receive the items.

  • Shared that the needs the advocates share are examples of current needs but will be funded from the donations we give them from funds raised.

Board members Jill Ostrove and Caity McCardell presented THE RAFFLE and a few of the prizes. Current grand prize is a weekend at a cabin near Bass Lake. You will receive one raffle ticket for every $20 donation (eg. $100 donation = 5 raffle tickets) between March 1st and noon on the date of the May potluck - 5/13. More details in future newsletters. Mary Anne Morgan reported that the Nutrition Team is status quo with Judy Woo’s Trilogy Team making weekly lunch bags for the middle schools and packing teams making up bags for the Lopez High School students.

Stacy Meko, board member of South County Youth Coalition, shared the magnitude of the impact that South SLO County Womenade and South County Youth Coalition made in 2020.

Sara Zepeda updated us on the Learning Pods. Still time to help fill a Parenting Bag – Now you can buy one item or all the items for one of the levels! Please label item(s) with level of items or bags.

Daniela Garcia and Stella Medina shared needs at the Family Resource Centers. After the break, Jill Ostrove and Caity McCardell ran our second scavenger hunt in two rounds.

Erica Andrade and Lisa Fraser shared needs at the Link

Renee Poirier, Casa Solana, shared moving stories of people using our “gift” bed

Katie Gonzalez from Lopez High School listed students’ needs Where did your donations go? Donations received in January 2021 $6,266.97 Donations received 2/ 2019 to 12/2020 $132,899.36 Total donations since February 2019 $139,166.33 Below you will read about some of the many urgent and emergency needs fulfilled by our very busy, dedicated advocates – we thank them for their work! Your donations made a huge difference! Advocates’ Updates

The Link – Erica Andrade

  • Family lost home to a fire a couple of months ago. They're rebuilding their new home but need help with funding childcare program. Nipomo Rec is the best option for student. $300 Nipomo Recreation Distance Learning (2 weeks)

  • Mother is still unemployed due to Covid-19 and husband works part-time. They do not have enough funds to cover their gas and trash bill this month. $90.02 Trash (43.72) and Gas (46.30)

  • Family has just moved into new apartment after being evicted. Most of their funds went to a down-deposit and are behind in their gas bill. $167.58 SoCalGas

Casa Solana – Renee Poirier

Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for 2 months to lady that was homeless and unable to pay with the generous donation from South SLO County - $1,600 Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Jessica Baza

  • Grandma caring for child got laid off from work and has little income. Needs assistance with a bill. $154.15 – PG&E

  • Family is homeless and needs to get to Atascadero to homeless shelter $30.00 Shell Station

  • Mom lost hours and is behind on several bills. Needs help with car registration. $300DMV

  • Single mom on disability and unable to pay rent this month. $300 MGF – landlord

  • Single mom, no income, just had back surgery and is falling behind on all bills. Needs assistance with rent. $600 LeSage – landlord

  • Family is struggling and living in an RV and let go from work after back injury. Needs assistance. $50 Shell Station

  • Family is homeless and is in need of food and basic needs. $200 Marshalls and Food4Less

  • Family recently moved here from Atascadero. Single mom of 3 in need of food and help with bills. $100 SoCalGas

  • Another family recently moved here from Atascadero. Single mom of 3 in need of food and help with bills. $50 Smart &Final

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Karina Ayala

  • Single mom not working due to Covid and needs help with her share of bills. $75.66 – PG&E

  • Dad tested positive for Covid and is out of work. In need of food assistance. $100 – Vons food card

  • Single mom had Covid and stopped working for over a month. Needs help catching up. $300 Cyder Village Apt – landlord

  • Mother is currently living in her car while her kids live with stepdad. She would like to help buy them food during this situation. $100 – Vons food card

  • Mother is currently living in her car while her kids live with stepdad.Needs assistance with storage unit. $198- Frontage Self Storage

Oceano Family Resource Center – Stella Medina

  • Dad just had major surgery and family is in need of food. $150 – Food4Less card

  • Family affected by Covid and had big loss of income during recovery time. $300 M. Cisneros – landlord

  • Dad just had major surgery and kids are in need of warmer clothing. $100 – Marshalls

  • Loss of job and behind on bills. Needs assistance. $172.10 – City of Arroyo Grande

  • Client not working due to Covid shutdown. Needs help with internet bill for schooling. $169.17 – Spectrum

  • Loss job due to Covid and needs help with tune up of her car. Safety issue. $230 – Medina Tires

  • Client lost her job before Thanksgiving but finally got her UBI but needs help catching up with past due bills. $150 – Food4Less card

  • Mom lost job but starts new job next week. Needs help with a bill. $50.82 So. Co. Sanitary

  • Mom just had major surgery and needs assistance with gas card to get to her medical appts. $200- Gas and food

  • Single mother needs assistance with food.$100 Smart and Final

  • New to the area and needs food and clothing for the kids. $100 – Walmart

  • New to the area and needs food and clothing for the kids. $100 – Smart and Final

  • Family all had Covid, grandfather in the hospital. Needs help with medication for Covid symptoms. $120 Nipomo Rexall

  • Family got Covid and lost hours at work. Needs assistance with food. $300 Smart and Final

South County Youth Coalition – Sara Zapata

  • Single mom about to deliver baby in need of diapers and clothing. $29.99 - Costco

  • Grandmother is raising grandkid and needs help with clothing for her. $50 - Marshalls

  • Family is need of all basic need items right now. $50 - Marshalls

  • Lost hours due to Covid and needs help with warmer clothing for the kids. $50 - Marshalls

  • One income family in need of food, diapers and clothing $100 – Food4Less/Marshalls

  • Single mom with 4 kids struggling to make ends meet. $50 – Food4Less

  • Loss job due to Covid and needs gas to get to medical appts. $25 Shell Station

  • Loss job due to Covid and needs help with food insecurities. $50 – Food4Less

  • Mother lost her job due to Covid and needs help with gas to get to her new job. $100 – ARCO

  • Single mom tested positive for Covid and off work. Needs help with food. $100 – Food4Less

  • Student is new to the area and needs clothing. $50 Marshalls

  • Extra Dick's Card for anyone. $50 – Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lopez High School – Katie Gonzalez

In anticipation of students returning to campus, they need:

  • School supplies, snacks, gift cards

  • Example of $5 fast food gift cards (only to places that don't sell particular things) are:

    • McDonalds

    • Taco Bell

    • Subway

    • Chacho's

    • Burger King

    • Starbucks, etc. etc.

    • Local businesses too!

HOW A DONOR MAKES A RECURRING PAYMENT DIRECT FROM HER BANK I decided in this incredible time of need that my ongoing support for Womenade was of utmost importance to me. Since the fabulous potlucks have gone virtual for the time being I made the decision to make a monthly scheduled donation directly from my bank on the last day of the month.

This is how I set this up:

First I went to my online banking site, and clicked on the “Bill Pay” tab. I added a PAYEE, just like I would for any other bill or automatic payment, using this information:

South SLO County Womenade 1793 Farroll Rd. Grover Beach, CA 94433

Lastly I chose RECURRING PAYMENT then decided on an amount that I was comfortable with. I picked a day of the month for it to be sent to: 1793 Farroll Rd. Grover Beach, CA 94433 Regular donations: To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to: South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433 or go to our website or . Paypal charges 2.2% plus 30 cents for each transaction (approximately 2.5%). If you use Paypal to donate, please consider covering the service fee of about 2.5% we are charged. Our email is: Our website is: Our EIN# is:27-0809744 Phone number: (805) 270-5751

Copyright © 2021 South SLO County Womenade, All rights reserved.

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Our mailing address is:

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