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Jump Into Fall!

It's not all about pumpkins! We've got baskets, potlucks, volunteer opportunities and more

Newsletter September 15, 2023

Preparations for the Thanksgiving and December Holidays Food Baskets Next Potluck – October 19th at 6PM We Missed the Bus – Teachers’ School Supplies Updates on Projects Needed Items Where the Money Went


Thanksgiving and December Holidays Food Baskets

Here come Fall, Indigenous People Day, Halloween, Veterans’ Day and then Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays!

This will be our 5th year of preparing Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday baskets for those in need in our community. We will be sending out a “SignUp Genius” email by October 1st. Our number of families in need is increasing and we’re going to try to fill 250 baskets between the two holiday periods. We will need lots of helpers – please stay tuned and sign up to provide food and help pack and deliver when you get the “SignUp Genius”. We also are looking for available storage space between November 16th (the delivery day for the Thanksgiving bags) and December 14th delivery day for the Winter Holiday bags. Please let us know if you have some available space for a month at

The Next Potluck

Mark your calendar!

October 19, Thursday at 6pm is the next South SLO County Potluck at the 950 Room at Cypress Ridge.

Updates on Projects

We Missed the Bus –Teachers’ School Supplies

More pictures! You made so many schools, teachers and students happy at six elementary schools in the Lucia Mar Unified School District! Thank you so much!

Laundry Pop Up – Belinda Benassi - leader

On Saturday September 23rd from 9 to 11AM we will hold our next Laundry Pop Up in Grover Beach. Belinda Benassi is leading this project. At the moment we are holding a pop up once a month. It is a lot of fun helping so many grateful people by giving financial help for 3 loads of laundry! If you would like to join this great group, please let us know. Contact us at and we’ll put you in touch with Belinda.

Nipomo Food Distribution – RosemaryCleaves, Sue McCutcheon, and Mary Anne Morgan - project leaders

On Tuesday September 12 the food distribution at Nipomo Elementary School (the second Tuesday of the month) was the first of the new school year. Along with the fabulous food from the SLO Foodbank, an amazing group of volunteers helped unload, pack and distributed food to 320 families! The next distribution will be on October 10th.

Weekend Food Bags for Food Insecure Students – Ann McDowell and Mary Anne Morgan - leaders

Our Weekend Food Bags program starts up Friday September 15th.

We still need a few volunteers to “adopt a few weekend food bags for students”. This entails buying the food, packing the brown bags and delivering the bags to an elementary school every two weeks. We have a large group of dedicated volunteers at Trilogy under Judy Woo’s leadership, who pack bags for students at the three middle schools. Lisa Murdoch is our delivery person for the middle schools. We have another new team at Trilogy that started this semester under the leadership of Jean Baker, who pack bags for the elementary schools. This is the program we still need some help with. Please consider helping out on this important project. We can’t imagine these students not having food to eat over the weekend! Contact us at

Needed Items

  • Lopez High School Wolf Den is in need of the following:

  • New or gently used hoodies in dark colors such as grey, black or navy in size Large or XL

  • New towel sets in any color

  • New twin size throw blankets in any color

  • Items can be dropped off at C&H Property Management, 135 S. Halcyon Road, Arroyo Grande (corner of Halcyon and Park)

  • Lopez High School staff is in need of

  • Dinner plates – real washable – not disposable

  • Silverware – in particular forks (real silverware forks – not disposable)

  • Items can be dropped off at Lopez High School at 1055 Mesa View Dr. Arroyo Grande


Anonymous Anonymous, Patti Reed, Linda Busek, Linda and Bradley Wilbert, Barbara Schader, Fran Norris, Mary De Jong, RosemaryCleaves, Joann and Stan Benson, Paula Tripp, Carol Wilcock, Sheila and Richard Semana, Karen Kolba, Linda Fibich, Patricia Canada, Mike and Olive Shu, Cory Gonzalez, Wendy Castleman, Elaine Stewart, Carol Chenot, Gail Applegate, Jean Graham, Jean Leavitt, Phyllis Sims, Anna Currie, Mary Anne Morgan and Madeline FayJane Arnold, Susan McCutcheon, Caity McCardell, Anita Shower, Jessica Griffiths,

Denise Bennett, Lenore Spelbring

Many of you donate in-kind donations and we would like to be able to keep track of all these wonderful donations. Please complete the in-kind donation receipt below, fill it out and either scan and email it back to us at sslocwomenade@gmail or mail it back to us at 1793 Farroll Rd. ,Grover Beach, CA 93433


The Link – Advocate Angel Lopez - Mesa Middle School and Judkins Middle School and Advocate Brenda Gonzalez – Paulding Middle School

  • Family requested help in getting a gift card for school clothes for her two children. Family recently left abusive household and is trying to get back on their feet. $50 Walmart

  • Family's car is having mechanical issues. Family asked for support in getting a gift card for children school supply $50 Walmart

  • Family was informed father is going to be sentenced for two years. Mother is working to cover monthly expenses and legal fees. Requested a gift card for support in getting groceries $100 Food card

  • Single parent needs financial assistance paying for city bus pass for student. She applied for school bus pass but transportation is behind on approving applications. $47 bus pass

  • Family of 4 was evicted and needs assistance with gas expense and clothing expenses. Currently living in car because emotional support animal is not allowed in shelter. All belongings are currently being held by landlord. $100 gas card

Mission Hope – Katie Crafton – Oncology Social Worker, Brianda Lemus

  • Male in his 60s came out of retirement to work while in treatment for colon cancer. Struggling to pay for groceries $50 food card

  • Male in his 30s undergoing treatment for colon cancer is no longer able to work. He is in the process of applying for SSDI and living at home with his parents.$50 Groceries $50 Gas

Families in Transition – Wendy Bruse Coordinator; Deicy Trejo – Advocate

  • Single parent father and his daughter are struggling. They are still trying to get situated. Student is special needs and dad is struggling to care for her and work. Needs basic items for her. $52 Bedding

  • Single parent household of 5 kids is going through a terrible separation. Dad is not supportive anymore. Needs assistance with clothing for 3 age school children. $200 Clothing card

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen- Principal; Aurora Munoz – Admin

  • Beginning of the school year Wolf Market snacks for student PBIS success. $191.66

Lopez High School – Wolf Den Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Ladies Down Jackets, Underwear, Leggings, Sports Bras, Men's Levis, T-shirts, Boxers, Case of Cup of Soup & Mac & Cheese $555.47 Costco

  • Guitar - $244.31 Guitar Center

  • Men's Jeans, Women's Down Jackets $200.01 Costco

  • Bath Towel Sets - 1 Bath, 1 Hand & 1 Wash Cloth - $48.94 Target

Department of Social Services – Jannine Lambert – Director; Sheila Wolpert – Division Management Support

  • PT going through domestic violence and financial hardship needs to get gas for work and childcare $50 Shell

  • PT is homeless with no transportation and needs to go to Mental Health and see his probation officer Bus pass $50 Shell

  • PT is homeless needs to get to DMV to get a California license; appointment is scheduled and needs gas for vehicle $25 Shell

  • PT is elderly homeless living in his car; needs gas to get to appointments and other resources $50 Shell

  • Homeless individual needing a bus pass to get to the shelter in North County. He has tried getting into shelters down here, but every where is full. He has blisters and is unable to walk much at all. Bus pass

  • PT is disabled and no money to get gas has MC appointment in SLO needing gas for vehicle, to go to DR for required paperwork $50 gas card

  • Disabled PT is in need of food, food pantry does not provide all of his needs $25 Walmart

  • PT is needing a bus pass because he has no transportation to get to 5 cities homeless coalition Bus pass

Casa Solana – Renée Poirier – Executive Director

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a gift bed for one month to a young woman in her early 30's. She was released from custody with nowhere to go and really wants to stay clean and sober.$800 Gift bed

SLO County Nurses – Meryl Castro – Nurse

  • Client is a single mom who was pregnant with her first baby and was due to give birth at any time when the request was made. $85.79 Amazon

Oceano Family Resource Center – Advocate Stella Medina

  • Single mother of 5 children with no child support is in need of food for her children. The father abandoned them last month and is not helping out financially. $100 Food card

  • Family came from Mexico seeking asylum. Home was taken over by the cartel. The family experienced tremendous trauma. Family fled to avoid danger. In need of help with cost of food. $100 Food card

  • Student in need of new clothes/shoes for school. Student does not have any family who can help her out financially (unaccompanied youth). $200 Ross card

  • Student was raised by her grandparents who are on a fixed income and can't buy her new clothes/shoes with the high cost of living. She grew out of her clothes over the summer, needs school clothes. $200 Ross

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – CinthyiaOrtiz-Corona

  • Single father recently became unemployed due to child care responsibilities over the summer. In the process of applying for HASLO and requested assistance with gas to make it to an appointment with the property supervisors for HASLO. $100 Gas card

  • Single mother recently fled DV situation, ex partner previously financially abusive, client in the process of seeking employment and therapy services for her eldest since custody agreement $100 Gas card

  • Single mother currently struggling with mental health issues for herself and her children after her sibling, (youth’s uncle) committed suicide. Missed two weeks of work unpaid. Requested support with partial utility bill. $175 City of Grover Beach

  • Single mother currently struggling with $700 utility bill and recent rent increase. Mother requested support with car registration. $237 DMV

  • Single mother limited to income from Calworks, currently enrolled full time at Allan Hancock, applying to employment on site. Requesting support with clothing for teens. $100 Old Navy

  • Single mother requesting support with clothing and gas assistance. Rent is 50% of income, she is behind on bills and expecting new baby on Sept 11th.$150 Target and Shell

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Marivel Pilla

  • Mother needs assistance with car registration so she can continue to use her car for work. She had to stop working to take care of grandmother. $283 DMV

  • Mother is in need of assistance paying for PG+E bill, she is a DV survivor and is working on getting back on her feet. $225.98 PG&E

Nutrition Team - Food for families in need and for school children $113.96 SLO FoodBank

Laundry Pop-Up – Belinda Benassi – project leader

  • $500 of quarters for starting up the project


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