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Happy Summer with South SLO County Womenade

We're ready for summer, read about what's happening!


Our next potluck is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st at 6PM at Mariam Shah’s home at 2410 Green Place, Arroyo Grande. This is our summertime potluck Fundraiser! Come join us for some great food and community communications and learn about what we are doing to help those in need. It's not too late to join us - just show up!

Please bring a dish to share, your place setting, a beverage, your check for $50 (more is ALWAYS welcome!) and a friend or two. Spread the word. We love to introduce ourselves to your family and friends.

It will be outdoors so you know how it is with the weather - bring a layer for the cooler hours and sunscreen for the earlier hours!

Checks made out to South SLO County Womenade! Looking forward to seeing you there.


We applied for a grant from the city of Grover Beach to feed 50 families during the holidays. We know it is a long way off but we are planning ahead. Grover Beach came through with a $4,000 grant for us to be able to provide wonderful holiday meals for 50 families in Grover Beach. This will be in addition to the 100 families in our community that we gave food to last holiday season!


OTHER PROJECTS – What’s next?

We are looking for leaders of a couple of other projects for the fall. Leaders recruit a team to help with the project. Womenade will make the initial contact with the agencies to determine need and will supply teams with contact information for communications and deliveries.

In September we would like to run a General Toiletries drive. Hygiene Poverty is rampant in our community.

In October we would like to run a “We Missed The Bus” drive specifically for teachers who still need specific school items for their students. Once the “stuff the boss” campaign is over teachers will still be missing critical teaching supplies and are always reaching into their own pockets for these supplies.

Please email us at if you would like to run one of these projects.


Thrift Shop St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Linda and Bradley Wilbert, Rosemary Anderson, Rosemary Cleaves(2), Fran Norris(2), Linda Denova(2), Sheila and Richard Semana, Mary De Jong, Karen Kolba, Wendy Castleman, John Canning, Elaine Stewart, Cory Gonzalez, Mary Mitchell-Baker, Darlene Slack, Lori Gager, Alex and Jessie Shu, Gail Applegate, Muriel Machin, Mary Anne Morgan and Madeline Fay, Cheryl Briskey, Jann Griffiths, Nancy Trudeau, Susan McCutcheon, Carol Chenot, Susan McMillan, Caity McCardell, Jessica Griffiths, Richard De Young


5/1/22 to 5/31/22 $6,821.40

1/1/22 TO 5/31/22 $31,826.74

2/1/2019 TO 5/31/22 $255,528.47

Where did the donations go?

Nutrition Team - Food for families in need and for school children $118.92 SLO FoodBank

Nipomo Family Resource Center – Supervisor Mariana Gutierrez

  • Single parent mother needs help with buying daughter underclothes since she has grown out of them $100 Marshalls

  • Homeless family, single Mom needs extra support with gas to get to interviews and drop her daughter off at school.$100 Shell

Oceano Family Resource Center – Advocate Stella Medina

  • Loss of job, behind on rent and facing eviction. In need of a helping hand to get caught up $300 MGF Enterprises (Landlord)

  • Single mother of 3 lost work hrs., behind on rent, facing eviction if she cannot pay rent. Filed her taxes but cannot afford to pay tax preparer. Mom will get a refund to help with rent but can't pay tax preparer $65 Xochitl Farias (Tax Preparer)

  • Single Mother of 3 did not get her child support payment and now she is unable to pay her internet bill $100 Spectrum

  • Single Mother of 3 did not get her child support payment and now she is unable to pay her water bill $200 Oceano Community Service District

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center – Supervisor Mariana Gutierrez

  • Family got Covid back in April and parents had reduced hrs and got behind on bills. Family has high overdue utility bill. $300 PG&E

  • Grandma is taking care of granddaughter but is not currently working and is struggling to pay her bills $200 PG&E

  • Single mother of three just relocated from Nevada due to sexual abuse case w/ex partner. Needs to take daughter to appt in Los Angeles $50 Shell

The Link – Advocate Erica Andrade – Mesa Middle School and Judkins Middle School and Advocate Brenda Gonzalez – Paulding Middle School

  • A mother struggled to obtain housing, and this month she was approved for accommodation in another city. Her son is thriving at his current school and would like to finish out the school year before he has to transfer schools. His mother works part-time and can't afford gas to transport the student to school. A gas card can get them through the next couple of weeks. $50 Shell

  • A mother and her three children were in a significant car accident. The student has been attending therapy due to this event. Their mother is the family's income earner but does not have enough funds to cover gas to and from therapy appointments. Therefore, a gas card can get children to and from therapy. $50 Shell

  • A student has been seeing a counselor and has stated that it has improved her mental health. However, her mother does not have enough funds to cover this month's gas and will not be able to take her to her counseling appointments. Therefore, the gas card is for students counseling appointments.$50 Shell

  • A family of four lives doubled up, and one of the students requires hygiene products. The family relies on the father's income, and they don't have extra funds to cover this expense. $50 Shell

  • A single father has recently experienced vision problems and cannot work. He has various eye appointments in southern California and will have eye surgery soon. The family requires gas and food funds for their father's upcoming surgery. $100 gas and groceries

  • A student requires financial support to cover soccer fees. His mother works part-time and cannot afford extracurricular activities. The student expressed that soccer is a way to help his mental health. $100 Soccer fee AYO

Lopez Wolf Den – Heidi Boatman and Jann Jeffries

  • Belt $12.93 Walmart

Lopez High School – Jennifer Bowen, Principal

  • Bicycle helmets and locks for students $155.54

Casa Solana – Renée Poirier – Executive Director

  • Casa Solana was able to provide a Gift Bed to a young lady that was just released from custody. We are currently collaborating with some other agencies to help her make some positive changes in her life so that she can stay out of custody and off the streets. $800 gift bed

Department of Social Services/ Transitions Mental Health Association

  • Safe at home client who has experienced DV needed to pick up medication for her and her daughter immediately so they don't become ill from not having it. $50 Shell


To make a donation write a check to South SLO County Womenade and mail to:

South SLO County Womenade, 1793 Farroll Rd., Grover Beach, CA 93433. We encourage you to become one of our monthly or regular donors. This can be easily done through your bank or charitable foundation. Please remember that if your company has a matching grants program to include us.

or go to our website

Our website is:

Our EIN# 27-0809744

Phone number: (805) 270-5751

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